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Internet creator regrets double slash

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Internet creator regrets double slash
Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet and the URL, HTTP, HTML standards, head of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and professor at MIT, would like to get rid of the double slash ("//") after "http:" at the beginning of the address designation. That’s how the "father" of the network responded to a question from The New York Times reporter about what he would do differently if history could be rewritten. According to his explanation, the two characters next to each other are not necessary at all, and you could save a lot of paper and trees by not having to specify them, not to mention the time and effort spent on keystrokes when entering the address (although today, of course, browsers make the task easier and add "http://" themselves).
But history, as we know, does not take the subjunctive mood, so Berners-Lee is enthusiastic about the current task of creating so-called e-governments, when public services and document management will become more open, transparent and efficient. At the moment, the scientist is working with British institutions to bring this concept to life. For example, one proposal is to combine road maps with data on accidents involving cyclists. This would help the latter avoid dangerous sections of the road and reduce the chances of being hit by cars. According to the professor, this year, government agencies around the world began actively joining the trend to move to web-based technology and provide access to traffic, weather, public safety and health data. The main lesson of the Internet is that open information and simple, free tools to access it inevitably lead to innovations, improvements in the way governments and businesses function.
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