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iPad in the United Kingdom on May 28

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About 3-4 days before the official sales of the iPad in England, almost all the advertising space was bought up by everyone’s favorite Apple and they all adorned the beloved tablet. Taking this into account I decided to go on May 28th to the Apple Store and see for myself what this device is and what the prices are.
(traffic, photo)
Got to the store at about 8:40am, but there was already a screw line and people were being let in one at a time (traffic, hehe). By the way, the store in London is on Oxford Circus. When I arrived, I was presented with the following picture pictured.
I wanted to get in line closer, but I was told that the line started around the corner. I pointedly went around the corner and saw something similar.
After thinking hard and realizing how long I would have to stand, I headed to the end of the line. But I wasn’t bored here, because there were Apple employees in blue T-shirts with iPad written on them constantly walking around and talking to customers, telling them about the capabilities of the device, what they can and cannot do with it.
It was also nice that not only did they sit on the ear, but they also handed out free water, it was hot and there were a lot of people who wanted to drink, so the bottles were in short supply.
There were a lot of people with serious equipment (video and photo cameras), which time and again photographed, and filmed everything that happens. While standing in line a couple of times people were interviewed, and the questions were basically this: "How will you use your new iPad?" and the answers were almost the same: "I will replace my laptop with this great portable computer. Looking ahead, I’ll say that many bought a dock for the iPad, along with a keyboard. It turns out now there will be massive replacement of laptops with this wonder of technology.
There were posters of the device in the display case and it itself was on public display.
Walking up to the entrance you could see that there were a lot of people in the store, but not a crowd, although it was impossible to squeeze by the iPad demo booth. Here, at the entrance, a cheerful guy shook everyone’s hand, asked what everyone’s name was and if they were happy to buy a new computer. At each new customer the Apple employees clapped and shouted at the top of their lungs, thus welcoming each customer and they continued to do this, as I understood from 8 am to 12 pm. (That’s a lot of energy drink…)
When I made my way to the booths, I saw an employee talking into a microphone and visually showing me how and what, and most importantly, where to click to understand the device. I don’t know who was listening because everyone was looking straight down at the table where the tablets were.
I fished out one freelance consultant and tried to find out if there was any way to connect a mouse to the device. From the look on her face it was clear that she had no idea how or what, but she ran to find out from the others. I didn’t wait long, thank God there were enough staff. The answer was lopsided – no, but a man nearby said that "it’s not possible yet, but the Russians will think of something" (he himself was pure Englishman).
Finally waiting for one quiet and free space, I took the iPad in my hands for the first time. The reaction was: "It feels good to hold and it’s light". And then I began to explore all its features, which were many: it supports the functions of Office, ie, you can do tables, documents, presentations, and more, for each task has its own icon (app), also liked the implementation of the calendar (as a real organizer), notebook and iPod application. This app looks a lot like the iTunes program, so it’s very easy to navigate. The photos are done for a treat, better than on the iPhone, the Book reader is also well done, especially the way the pages flip (like a real book). The graphics of the games are not far from the iPhone, but… there is something about it. The browser is something, I have not yet experienced such a sense of convenience and comfort. The implementation of the typing keys – the tower – you can not miss and very clear, remembering how the iPad lies I tried the blind method of typing. Out of 5 sentences one mistake, very good.
Now the big question is how much it costs and if it’s worth it. As I looked at the nearby booth, I saw the prices :
WiFi model

  • 16 GB – 429£
  • 32 GB — 499£
  • 64 GB — 599£

WiFi + 3G model

  • 16 GB – 529£
  • 32 GB — 599£
  • 64 GB – £699

Making a simple conclusion we see that in fact for the 3G option we pay extra 100£. It seems to me very good and reasonable price, considering that out of the box iPad can do almost everything, and what it can not do can be downloaded.
As I was leaving the store, the press still kept interviewing people with white bags (those who bought iPads). I really liked the idea of the bag itself, I feel that now there will be such a fashion – who goes with such a bag has an iPad. It’s like with white headphones, Steve Jobs has a good approach to this issue.
My thoughts remain that people don’t want to add to, but replace their home computers with iPads, since they can do everything the same as a simple PC. What I mean here is what regular people do – watch movies, take pictures, use the internet and check email, as well as create documents, read books, play games, and more. Will I buy this innovation? I will, but not as a replacement, but as my main tool. After thinking it over, I realized that I only need the laptop to create websites. If someday it will be available on the iPad, I will sell my laptop.
UPD: All media is already available on a special Lincut account that was made for the iPad. Link : http://lincut.com/view/id/1972597

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