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iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

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iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

A few minutes ago another annual Apple Event came to an end. In the Steve Jobs Theater, the company was presenting what it will be delighting us with this year.

The tech geeks gathered in the atrium above the theater said the atmosphere was surprisingly calm. Everyone mostly thought they knew what to expect. And they came to the event itself more to confirm their guesses. Though the employees they met along the way were unusually enthusiastic.

Apple itself opened its presentation for the first time this year to an audience that is not yet sitting on its devices. Livestream was available On YouTube , on Twitter, and on Apple itself, where anyone could watch it from their desktop. It was long overdue! And it was clearly worth it. There were over three million viewers on all those platforms at its peak, and that’s not counting rebroadcasts. That’s not a bad result.

There’s an excellent live text broadcast on Habra hosted by ivansychev If you want to feel the moment, I warmly recommend it.

And we have short and to the point.

What do you expect

Before the event, there was a string of “leaks, ” each with information about potential devices. For the third year in a row, three new smartphones were expected. Only now – with the prefix “Pro”: iPhone 11Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 (to replace, respectively, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR). The update was said to be more cosmetic, like a transition from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 7 (hence the rather quiet mood in the crowd). The firm will simply upgrade the specs, improve small details and make a new camera.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

According to Chinese blogger GeekBar, which appeared a couple of weeks before the presentation, the camera will be the main focus. It will be equipped with three lenses and the ability to take selfies in slow motion. And Bloomberg in August. said that they have information that they will also introduce new iPads with larger screens, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, a new version of their HomePod smart speaker, and an improved Apple Watch.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today
At the Steve Jobs Theater

It was also very safe to talk about the presentation of a new gadget : a Bluetooth label a la Tile Which will use AR to help find lost items like keys or a wallet (or whatever you attach it to). Information about such a feature appeared in Apple’s redesigned Find My app in June, and the iOS 13 code. the gadget was described directly as “a small round plastic tag with the Apple logo in the center.” It also explained that the system would beep if you moved too far away from the tag. And if you lose an item altogether, other iPhones will help look for it, too. If someone happens to be nearby, they’ll be told who to give the lost item to.

A lot of these rumors have come true. But some even exceeded expectations.

Apple Arcade

Tim Cook wasted no time in wasting time. He took the stage, immediately said there were a bunch of updates, they were big, and moved on to the news. The first was about the App Store update. There will be a new Arcade tab, with top games sponsored by Apple that you won’t find on any other platform.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

New games every month, with trailers, recommendations, guides, and other related content. Showed games like Frogger (you play as a frog, moving around the house, dangers lurking at every turn). A man on stage was playing an obviously childish toy, and a crowd of IT journalists were ingratiatingly told that the frog would be able to change its costumes. It looked clearly out of place.

The other games were a little more on point. Well, the quality, from the graphics to the music, is clearly much higher than the standard game. iOS 13 supports PS4 and Xbox One gamepads, some games are sophisticated and clearly designed with them in mind.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

There are more than a hundred game developers who have joined Arcade. The section opens Sept. 19 in 150 countries. There will be 100 games available immediately at launch. Subscriptions cost $4.99 a month. The first month is a free trial.

Apple TV+

Tim Cook came out again, touting the new TV shows and movies they are launching on their streaming service (a competitor to Netflix and the future Disney+, which is threatening to kill everyone). Cook boasted that their trailer for The Morning Show has been watched on YouTube by more viewers than any other similar series before it premiered.

A new trailer has been shown. Jason Momoa plays in a post-apocalyptic world where no one can see but him. And the evil queen (?) wants to round up all the sighted children who have begun to appear in the world. The series is called See.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The first TV shows will be available Nov. 1, in more than 100 countries. New movies and shows will be added each month. The subscription price is only $4.99 a month for the whole family (standing ovations from the audience, crowd cheering, this wasn’t expected at all). Usually they offer one movie rental at most for that price.

What’s more : if you buy an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV – you get a year subscription to TV+ for free. The usually greedy Apple, so trolled for a $999 monitor stand, is now showing unexpected concern for users.

7th generation iPad

Cook talked about the new iPad OS. More than a million apps specifically designed for the big iPad screen.

But most importantly, the sixth generation of iPads is a thing of the past. The seventh generation is replacing it. As expected, with a larger display, 10.2 inches (instead of 9.7 inches). Pixels – three times more, inside – the A10 Fusion chip, twice as powerful as the previous one. It can also connect a full-size keyboard via the Smart Connector.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

Improved multitasking, new features for video processing, desktop-level browser, can work with Google Docs and Squarespace. The camera 8 MPix.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

Priced at only $329 (very budget friendly in general!), for educational institutions and students, $299.

Pre-orders are already open on Apple’s website, with shipments to the U.S. beginning September 30.

Apple Watch Series 5

Told how the Apple Watch saves people’s lives, showed a couple of real stories. One man fell and the watch automatically called an ambulance and his wife. One woman thanks to the watch had an emergency C-section, another man – thanks to the signals of the watch managed to undergo surgery, which prevented a heart attack. Many also shared how the watch helped them stay in rhythm, exercise and lose weight.

So naturally – now the Apple Watch is getting even better. They are partnering with a crowd of health organizations, allocating money to study diseases (and the Apple Watch tracking will help with this). You can become a participant in such research by installing the Apple Research app. Apple itself will not take data from anyone; personal information will remain with you.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The new Apple Watch boasts a display that is always on (what?). You can always see your time, and if you tap, the brightness goes up.

A unique LTPO display that updates at 60 Hz to 1 Hz to conserve power. Because of this, even though the display is constantly running, the device’s battery still holds the standard 18 hours.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

Another new feature in the Series 5 is the built-in compass. You can see not only the direction, but also your current position (latitude, longitude, altitude).

If you press and hold the button on the side, the smart watch calls an ambulance in any of 100 countries. Even if you don’t have an iPhone nearby. Especially useful for travelers, now you don’t have to worry about what will happen if something happens to you.

Like all other devices, the device is made 100% from recycled materials (the crowd always has a violent reaction to such things, and so did this time).

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

Apple Watch Series 5 GPS models are priced from $399, with connectivity models starting at $499. Pre-orders are now open, with shipments in the U.S. beginning September 20.

The Series 4 appears to be off the market, and the price of the Series 3 is being cut very seriously. You will now be able to pick up this smart watch for just $199. In general, Apple seems kind of generous at this presentation. But will this extend to the new iPhones?

iPhone 11

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. The latest iPhones have a 99% customer approval rate, the highest in the industry.

The iPhone is also the most popular camera in the world. And now it’s getting even better. The iPhone 11 has two cameras. It has a new ultra-wide lens, super-fast photos, 2x optical zoom, 36% brighter flash. Night Mode for low light, with a crowd of technologies that provide a natural effect (you can notice in the photo that it’s dark indoors, but you can still see all the details).

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The video shooting mode has improved, too. You can shoot 4K at 60 FPS while holding the smartphone in your hand, and it automatically adjusts the video so it doesn’t shake. Best video quality ever seen on a smartphone.

The front camera is 12 MPix TrueDepth, can shoot in 4K 60 FPS, and, for the first time, with the ability to shoot in slow motion. Yes, selfies can now be taken in slo-mo (they have already been called “slo-phi”).

The display is Liquid Retina, 6.1 inches. Surround sound with Dolby Atmos.

Processor – A13 Bionic. Four cores, 8.5 billion transistors, 40% lower power consumption. The A12 is still the most powerful processor (and GPU) in smartphones, and the A13 widens the gap even more. Top Android smartphones won’t be able to compete with this kind of power for a few more years.

Showed a game with cool graphics from Giant Network, played it on stage. The audience is traditionally indifferent to game presentations. Oh, and a Chinese (Asian? how not to be racist?) talks about it with a serious accent, some of the words can not understand. The game is called Pascal’s Wager (I think?), it arrives on the Apple Store next month.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The battery has improved, holding a charge an hour longer than the iPhone XR. And a bunch of other small improvements, mainly due to the speed of the A13 Bionic. For example, Face ID, which identifies its owner by face, will work faster. Dust and water protection is also present.

iPhone 11 will be the successor to last year’s iPhone XR. It will come in white, black, yellow, green, and red. The price is $699 (!?!??). The iPhone XR, by comparison, was $749 for the base model, and was weaker by all accounts. Well, five more years and we’ll get to Xiaomi prices.

iPhone 11 Pro

With three cameras. Apple’s first smartphone that has the word “Pro” in it, and that means it will be appreciated by professionals. Everything is made of stainless steel, the whole back panel is a solid piece.

The display is Super Retina XDR, the best in the smartphone world. 2, 000, 000: 1 contrast, 458 pixels per inch, 1200 cd/m2 brightness available. 15% more energy efficient than previous generations of screens.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The Pro has a screen diagonal of 5.8 inches, the Pro Max has a screen diagonal of 6.5 inches.

An engineer came out and talked in a slightly hoarse voice about machine learning, which in the iPhone 11 Pro is used to its full potential. It makes everything work faster and more efficiently. They say, “iPhone 11 Pro is the best machine learning platform in the world. It makes the battery last up to 4 hours longer, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 5 hours longer battery life than last year’s device. Plus, a better charger (again, the previous one won’t do?!) that charges even faster.

Well, the three cameras provide the world’s best photos. Not just among smartphones, among other cameras too. One lens with an f/1.8 aperture, another with f/2.4, and an ultra-wide one with f/2.0 and a 120º angle. The optical zoom is 0.5x, 1x, 2x. To improve the photo uses a neural processor in the A13 Bionic. The technology is called Deep Fusion. Nine photos are taken, the best aspects of each are selected, creating an ultra-detailed photo, with minimal noise. All three cameras shoot in 4K/60FPS.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

All three cameras are calibrated with each other at the factory, plus during use, when you shoot, the other two cameras analyze the lighting and colors of the surroundings, enhancing the photo. Multiple cameras can also shoot video at the same time (inside the app you can see what each is showing). Including shooting both rear and front at the same time is available.

Showed short films shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro. Proving that professional filmmakers are already using this smartphone instead of their cameras. Well, the footage looks really nice.

Reinforced glass, improved water resistance, increased protection against dust.

Apple has finally stopped increasing the price of the iPhone every year (maybe related to the dismissal Angela Arends?). Prices remain the same as last year.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

The iPhone 11 Pro is $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $1099. Pre-orders start this Friday, shipping to customers starting Sept. 20. Smartphone colors are midnight green, space gray, silver/white and gold.

The iPhone XR remains on sale, for only $599. The iPhone 8 is also available for $449.

That’s about it. What do you think? Where’s the Bluetooth tag? Eh, leaks, leaks, leaks…

P. S. Recall that all Apple tech is much cheaper to buy in the US. On average – by 34%, that is, for the iPhone often by tens of thousands of rubles.

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro in Russia will cost 89, 990 rubles (instead of $999 in the U.S.), which means you’re overpaying about 24, 000 rubles.

The iPhone 11 in Russia will be 59, 990 rubles (if purchased in America – 46, 150 rubles).

Buying a new iPad and Apple Watch in the U.S. can also save 5-6 thousand rubles, even including shipping charges.

Well, to bring it all to Russia will help Pochtoy.com Shipping with us is from $11.99. Hubra discounts are 7%. We’ve also recently opened shipping SuperFast which allows packages to reach Moscow in 4-5 days.

iPhone 11, the new iPad, TV+, Arcade and more. What Apple showed today

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