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It’s killing me to have a choice.

by admin

I’m torn. I am torn between endless services, information sites, games, and hobbies. I have to monitor several projects, including social networks, to keep up with the trend, with news from friends. I used to know 10 people, now there are 1000. And all of them are interesting. And I’m not talking about reality or the virtual world. Evaluate the situation from the perspective of who "creates" rather than who "consumes."
There are countless new startups popping up every day, trying to attract users in all kinds of ways. The world’s population is not growing as fast as the number of Web sites. Of course, some projects die, but many remain. And in an attempt to fight for survival, they adapt to reality: fewer visitors, and the projects are more innovative and attractive. There was one social network – now 1000, there was one forum – now 1000, there was an IT information resource – now 1000. The density of users changes significantly.
Yes, I may have read only 3dnews as a reader before, but now I have about 20 or so news publications on the subject. And while I used to be more interested in participating in the community and discussing news, now I don’t have the time or desire for that. I’d like to read all the news I’m interested in, and I just don’t have the energy to go into all the comments and opinions left on all these resources.
And so it is with everything on the internet. I add a post to my blog. In order to attract attention to it, I automatically or manually broadcast it to some other resource like Facebook or Vkontakte. But at the same time, I am clearly aware that the audience of my text is scattered all over the network. And if before an interesting discussion in the comments was held in one place, everyone saw it and everyone was interested in participating, now I can observe a modest flow of comments in each place where my post was posted. And if one of those places has an interesting discussion thread, 10 other sources won’t know about it.
A month ago I learned about a new game and often played it in the evenings. It is really interesting and innovative. But then after a month on Habra I read about a successful project that came out again, and I go home and start playing it. I may have a desire to play that first game, but I realize I don’t have the time, because the new one is interesting, too.
The same thing happened to cinema. Before, watching a movie on TV, my mother could tell me what would happen to the plot next, whether it was interesting or not. Because before there was no such a flow of films. Now every night you can watch, if not a new movie, then at least a new episode of the next series. What you watched yesterday, you may not even remember.
This all reminds me of one thing: the other day I heard about stock exchanges, stock prices, players and speculators. Some clever person said that it’s time for everyone to stop thinking only about today’s profits and think about the future. Something similar is happening on the Internet.
Look at all this from the perspective of the one who creates all these services for us users. For him, it should definitely be a problem. It will definitely only get worse in the future.
I’m not calling for anything, I’m not saying everything written about me (I just like the first person manner of writing). I’m just describing what I see that comes to mind often in another situation. Abundance spoils, it gets less interesting.
P.S. I understand that Habra is not a place for complaints. Also, posts that lead nowhere, have no conclusion, no conclusion are not welcome here. It’s just that my post aims to highlight the problem. Perhaps someone will share their solutions.

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