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Just a game. Not a computer game, a paper game.

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Noticed the frequent "my life/experience there" articles. States, Spain, OAE, etc. Thought that some hobbies have already moved, some intend to, some have decided to stay, and some are in contemplation – don’t know what to decide. This game is for those who aren’t sure what the right decision is. The game is not just about moving, but about almost everything. Any choice. What chips to add to the walk-through, and which ones can be added later? What snacks to make for the New Year’s table? Anything.
At the fork of the paths lies a Prophetic Stone, and on it an inscription: "If you go to the right, you will lose a horse, you will save yourself; if you go to the left, you will lose yourself, you will save a horse; if you go straight, you will lose yourself and your horse.
About five years ago, a friend asked for advice – should I leave or stay? What to answer? What to say? Giving advice to others is in the first place a huge responsibility, and secondly, what is good for the Russian, the German – death. You give good advice from your heart … and you ruin a person’s life. People are different, very different. How can you help, but not meddle in someone else’s life with your advice?
Cut 2 sheets of paper in half, then again, got 8 ribbons. 29.7 x 5.25, say about 30 cm by 5 cm. Stacked the tapes and cut them into 6 pieces. Got the pieces of paper about 5cm x 5cm.
Asked her to think hard about what she wanted in life. I told her to start by saying, "You want to live, you want good health, you want to get married, you want kids, you want a nice house, a cool car, visit remote countries every year, and so on. Take a piece of paper and write one wish on each one. An hour later, all 48 pieces of paper were filled with her wishes. Down on the floor, on the rug, and I spread out all 48 sheets of paper with the wish down on it.
– Take any two sheets of paper at random. Read your wishes and compare them. But compare them very strictly. Not in the sense of "which one will come true first" but in the sense of "if I choose the first one, the second one will never come true. Never! If you choose a nice house, then you’ll never have children, and vice versa, if you choose I want children, then you’ll live your whole life in a communal apartment.
After comparing them, put them to the right. Closer to yourself the less important, farther away the more important. Then take a new sheet, compare it to those already sorted, and find its place (more important than… less important than…). The goal of this game is to sort your wishes from most important to least important.
Took the sheets, read them, compared them, relaxed at first, and then began to blush. After about 15 minutes, I turned all my sorted wishes face down. For the rest of the game she looked and compared sneakily, so that I could not see.
An hour-plus, maybe two. Finished. She blushed, happy, asks – Did you come up with that? – Yes.
She says today that this game helped her figure out what she wants in life. Maybe that’s true. I don’t know.
Guys, your new editor is really bad. The old one is just bad. I’ll make a normal one, conditionally inexpensive.

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