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Launching the Innovation GamesRussiACommunity

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Launching the Innovation GamesRussiACommunity
Hi Habr I would like to announce the launch of the project Innovation Games RussiA This project brings together people who are interested in everything about innovative games, like to play them or want to learn.
We collaborate with well-known resources such as Gamestorming and Innovation Games who are actively sharing their findings and promise to help with various events in the future.
What are innovation games? Innovation games, these games pursue two goals: the removal of negative attitudes towards the actions of reorganization of the organization (enterprise) and the introduction of constructive changes in the reorganization project itself.
What can they be used for? The answer options are many and here are just a few of them :

  • Build the right strategy
  • Determine the direction of future development
  • find out client’s preferences
  • Prioritize development
  • To bring your product in line with the customer’s desires
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product
  • Find out how customers use your product
  • Bring new processes to development
  • Improve existing processes
  • motivate the team
  • And many more.

The site is divided into the following sections :

  • News – here are published notifications about all new games, materials and events of the resource;
  • Game Library – description of games;
  • Library – link to useful sources.

We are slowly continuing to build our community. Little by little, new games are being added, readers are coming in. To make communication more lively, we’re moving on and introducing you to our group at Facebook And our Twitter
Read, play and win!

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