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Learning to write gadget reviews

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We are not professional journalists. Moreover, we are not journalists at all. We just use a little of the techniques they invented. One way or another, there is not enough journalists for everyone, while many good ideas are killed by mediocre implementation. After all, many have often seen (including on Habra) how a very curious gadget is literally "drowned" by a not very good review. After draining the karma, a person who has written such a review, often loses all desire to write anything at all. And the only reason for this is that not through his own fault, but due to the lack of practice and proper enthusiasm, he loses attention to detail, which, with proper study of them turns a bad review into an entertaining read. I have been studying this problem for some time, and have come to some conclusions which (in my humble opinion) may become a kind of manual for those who in the future decide to write some kind of review. Of course, there are enough talented people among us who can cobble together a masterpiece without any manuals, but many (like me) are not lucky enough to be born with such talent.
As an example I took the first thing I saw out of the recently purchased gadgets. An actual gadget: the Masterkit USB plug. Useful gizmo – no extra gimmicks, quite reliable and simple.
Learning to write gadget reviews
Reaction one: "You guys… Do they do reviews on things like this? 0_o"
Yes, it turns out they do. Now we are going to take you through some of the steps of writing reviews, just on the example of this device, very simple, but quite interesting – just what you need for such a manual. Our "instructions for writing reviews for beginners" are broken down into separate steps, which makes it easier to understand what is written. So, let’s begin!


If we give this device to a marketer we know, in about 5 minutes he will give us the following text:
USB plug 220V + 2 USB. The package had the plug and instructions in Chinese.
Instead of plugging the plug into the socket 220V straight away, it was not for real jedi, instead I first plugged the cable with the mp3 player into the USB socket, and only then plugged the whole thing into the socket. The player was charged, which was signaled by the diode light on the plug, which changed from alarming orange to calm green.
Pros :

  • charges
  • does not fall out of the socket

Minuses :

  • doesn’t smell like raspberries
  • when plugged in, mosquitoes in the room don’t die

And so on in the same vein. And it doesn’t matter that it didn’t come with a plug and manual at all, and the light is actually blue. It’s not that important either.
The important thing is that we can do something better.


You can tell about how to set color, light and such things by yourself as well as I can. However, let’s compare two images – one with a frame around it, and one without a frame. It’s a small thing, but it makes a difference.
Learning to write gadget reviewsLearning to write gadget reviews
How to visually increase the size of the view? Follow a simple sequence: some text – image – some more text – more image. This will make the article appear fuller. This article is similarly designed.
If the subject of the review is not large, a photo shoot with a nickel is mandatory so that readers have a chance to appreciate the size of the item.
Learning to write gadget reviews
If the object is large, you can specify its dimensions as a drawing.
Learning to write gadget reviews Drawn in nanocade


Every device has a chip, or even a few.
The chips on our tee.
The chips are serious :

  • Combination of 2 USB with a regular socket – the socket socket is not clogged and can continue to be used for its intended purpose
  • Voltage stabilizer – it protects the delicate contents of our appliances from power surges, thus prolonging their life
  • The lockable openings of a 220V outlet. Now nothing can get in there for sure.

Chips are not serious

  • Screws – I’ve only seen screws like this once in my life, and that was in this unit. But I had the right screwdriver!

Learning to write gadget reviews
You can see what’s inside – maybe there’s something curious in there, too.
Learning to write gadget reviews
And what it looks like in operation.
Learning to write gadget reviews

Personal Feelings

This item is optional. Tell us why you chose this device and not some other one. About the tee, I would say about the following.
If you compare the tee with adapters from Kindle or their Chinese counterparts, they certainly win in size. But! Each adapter takes up a slot in the socket. Plus the vast majority are adapters, that is, the input is 220 V and the output is USB. Here, on the other hand, there are 2 output sockets, plus a socket into which you can plug another device. For example, I have two outlets next to my desk. I plug a lamp into one and a soldering iron into the other. So where do I plug my phone to charge it? And so plug everything you need, and use it. Plus, for some reason, the adapters heat up a lot, but this baby, even with a full load, stayed a little warm.


You could also write an article about how reviews should be written. Well, something like this. I hope you enjoyed it. By the way, the gadget described in the review, as well as many other MasterKit devices, can be found at this page

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