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“LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)

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Simultaneously with the Russian-language blogosphere statistics from Yandex its statistical report ( PDF ) was published by Sup, which is known to manage the Russian-language segment of Livejournal.com, the largest Russian-language bloghosting site.
As of April 15, there were 949, 400 accounts in the Russian-language segment of the LiveJournal. This number includes :
– 55, 900 communities
– 3.1 thousand RSS accounts
– 1, 9 thousand OpenID accounts
– 200 accounts of other types
– 890.1 thousand blogs (individual accounts)
Up to 2, 000 new accounts are created daily. In March, the number of accounts increased by 58, 000. For the year, the growth was 407, 000 or 79%.
There are three main types of accounts in LiveJournal :
– Basic, which provides users with limited functionality for free and without displaying ads.
– Paid, which provides full functionality (without displaying ads) for a monthly fee.
– Enhanced, which provides functionality similar to the Paid account (with some restrictions) in exchange for displaying ads on the blog.
The basic account type is currently predominant, as it has historically been the primary type. The advanced account was only introduced in the spring of 2006 and has been rapidly increasing its share ever since. Improved accounts account for about 90% of new registrations. The share of Enhanced accounts has increased from 29% to 39% since the beginning of 2007.
"LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)
For 497, 000 accounts in Russian-language LiveJournal, the country of Russia is indicated in the profile. Another 113 thousand accounts indicated one of the former Soviet republics, 3.7 thousand users indicated the USSR.
"LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)
The remaining 336, 000 accounts were identified as Russian-speaking by the language in which information is given in the profile and posts are published in the magazine itself. These accounts included blogs from Russian-speaking diasporas in Israel, the U.S., and Germany, as well as blogs of authors who did not indicate the country in their profile (usually, bloggers from Russia), and those blogs whose owners had jokingly or carelessly indicated the wrong country.
Among the 361 thousand Russian accounts of the Russian LiveJournal, for which the owners in the profile indicated not only the country, but also the city, 198 thousand accounts accounted for Moscow. St. Petersburg came in second place with 54, 000 blogs. In total, the two capitals account for 70% of all Russian LiveJournal blogs. Among other cities, Novosibirsk (8, 400) and Yekaterinburg (6, 000) are the leaders in terms of the number of users. Another 14 cities have from 2 to 4 thousand users, and 28 cities have from 500 to 2 thousand users.
Age and sex
The main mass of users is concentrated in the age range of 18 to 25. Those born in 1981-1988 account for 57% of all accounts (including 22% of 18-20 year olds and 35% of 21-25 year olds). If the older group of 26-30 year olds is also included, the three categories together account for more than 3/4 of all logs in the LiveJournal (76%).
Under 18 years of age 9% of the users of the LiveJournal, 15% of bloggers over 30 years of age, including 7% over 35 years of age and 1% over 50 years of age.
Among the users who indicated their gender (71% of them), 47% are women and 53% are men. Men predominate among users over 25 years old, while the majority of teenagers among bloggers are girls.
By occupation, nearly one in five visitors to the LiveJournal is an executive.
In a month, the number of authorized users visiting the LiveJournal reaches 510, 000.
"LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)
At least once a week, 310, 000 users visit LiveJournal, almost a third of the total number of accounts. At the same time, a comparison of data on the number of authorized users (logins) per day and per week shows high activity of LiveJournal users – on average, one authorized user visits LiveJournal 4 days per week.
Among the almost 950 thousand Russian-language blogs at least one entry (for all time of existence) contains 680 thousand blogs (72%). Among the 270, 000 "empty" blogs there are also actually used – but only for reading through the formation of a friends’ feed.
On average, one blog contains about 70 entries.
Based on the frequency of blog updates, 130 thousand people can be classified as active authors of blogs, which is how many blogs are updated at least once a week. Over a month 220 thousand blogs are updated, over a quarter – 300 thousand.
As of mid-April 2007, there were 67 million posts in JJ. This number increases weekly by more than 600 thousand – every weekday users leave about 100 thousand new posts in JJ (and only on weekends this number decreases to about 70 thousand).
Of the total number of posts added daily, 74% are blog posts, 9% are community posts, and 17% are automatic RSS feeds from external sources.
LiveJournal content is not limited to posts – about 2.7 million new comments on blogs and communities appear weekly (380, 000 per day). On average, there are 4.5 comments per post.
The Russian audience of the LiveJournal is the most active. On average, there are 62 hits per week per visitor from Russia, while there are 28 hits per visitor from other countries.
The average daily attendance rate for LiveJournal is 595, 000 (according to SixApart server statistics). On weekdays, the average daily audience is
650 thousand people, on weekends in JZH comes to 460 thousand people per day. The average daily Russian audience of the ZhJ is 360 thousand people.
The weekly audience for Russian-language LiveJournal is 2.2 million people, including more than 1.2 million visitors from Russia. The monthly audience (as of March) was 6 million people, 3.3 million of which was the Russian audience proper.
Positions in Runetes
Zhzhzh is fourth in the Top@Mail.Ru ranking in terms of average daily audience size after Mail.Ru, Rambler, and RBC (week of April 9-15).
"LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)
According to TNS Web Index, in terms of monthly and weekly audience in Moscow (among users aged 12-54), ZHG ranks third after Yandex and Mail.Ru, with an advantage of 1.5 times over its closest competitor KP.ru.
"LiveJournal in Figures (April 2007)
There are over 60 million weekly hits on LiveJournal pages. On weekdays the traffic reaches 10 million hits, on weekends the traffic is 30% less – about 7 million.
Of the total traffic, 18% of the hits come from the service pages (including the home page www.livejournal.com and user profile pages). Blogs and community pages (front pages of blogs, friends’ feeds, individual post pages) account for 82% of traffic, including 23% of traffic from communities.
Logged-in users, who make up only 30% of the average daily audience of the LiveJournal, provide 70% of the traffic at the same time.

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