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I have a friend who once wrote a couple of programs at work. He did it, as they say, for fun – he simply took and automated his activities. At first no one paid attention to his work, saying, you just mess around, and God be with you. After a while the programs began to "sprawl" – people from neighboring departments and then from neighboring offices came and asked to share. After about a year and a half we counted more than 100 installations of the program, despite the fact that it had no documentation and no techsupport. That was in 2001. In 2002 my friend changed his field of activity and stopped the development. I had already migrated to other regions, and I used one of them to write my thesis. My friend did not get any money from the programs, and he did not try very hard either.
The interesting thing started this year, when by order of the head office located in Moscow, both programs were first replaced by centralized, and then completely disconnected. In fact, it turned out that in almost all the departments that operated my buddy’s programs, the employees were filling both Moscow-based and "their" programs with data.
The shutdown did not last long – one program was returned after 3 days, the other two weeks later. Moreover, the buddy wanted to be paid for the development of both programs, and one of them was charged with implementing in all units on a mandatory basis.
The moral of this fable is as follows: if the program is written from the bottom up, from the need, then people will be rooting for it and it will have a long life, although maybe not always happy. Unlike programs imposed from above, which people use, but often quietly hate.

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