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“More Interactive!” or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?

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While the world is raging with a terrible virus and everyone is switching to online communication, we decided to remember our last offline event.
A month ago, Moscow’s TeamLeadConf 2020 Having broken through the ceiling in the number of teamleaders per sq.m.- 1500 participants flew to the site of the ITC.Why they were gathered and what was done with them at the conference – we will tell here. In brief : "God gRom." commanded to watch papers, participate in workshops, and engage in sacred networking.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?


To start with, we’ve introduced a new format – workshops on timeless softskill topics. So we’ve got more interactivity, in addition to the classic talks and behind-the-scenes mitaps. The point is that, unlike reports, you are maximally involved in the process of working with a coach. The material is well assimilated and if you are in tune with the work, there is a high probability of getting insights.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?

Maxim Dorofeev (mnogosdelal.ru) told in a fun and cheerful way what kind of animal procrastination is. In an interactive format, he parsed the procrastination case for each of the participants, outlining the first steps and touching on topics of personal and team efficiency.

In a few words from one of our participants: "Dorofeev is a beauty", and you can’t argue 🙂

"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
At the workshop Alexandra Orlova (Stratoplan) participants were invited to pour out their souls to their work groups about conflict situations at work. And as you understand, truth is born in a dispute, and who is right or wrong can be discussed forever (we had 3 hours).
Alexander shared schemes for constructive ways out of conflicts, which we hope many have already successfully applied.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Dmitry Lazarev (facilitato.ru) taught you how to make good decisions, and that’s not easy under the eyes and gossip of your team.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Kirill Ananstasin (aka komikaki) offered to "nibble" on the role of a leader in a modern technology company.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Here is what Anton Chernousov (aka golodnyj ), who participated in Kirill’s workshop :

"Among the four workshops, I was able to participate in an unusual action from Kirill Anastasin – "Informal Leader". Kirill, better known in wide circles as the author of komikaki comic memes, opened up to me from a completely unexpected side. He took the audience and through his charisma, art and unusual presentation led them through a winding and complex topic – Leadership. His experience and observations of changes in people and teams gave a lot of food for thought. Although there weren’t many practical assignments in this workshop, they created the necessary impact. For another month, I immersed myself in the topic of leadership using the notes from the meeting with Cyril."

Participants came away puzzled and enlightened and asked for a repeat.
Do you think the reports decided to rest? Well, they didn’t 🙂 Let’s talk about the top three according to the participants.

Egor Tolstoy "How to Seduce a Timelid"

Egor shared with the audience what he went through to become a team leader: how his colleagues laughed at his old commits, called him a Jira programmer and worked more efficiently without him.
And then, in a light and humorous manner, followed with damaging advice on how to undermine a teamleader. See if anything resonates with you :

Tip #1. It won’t go away on its own – break it!
Tip #2. Ask "Why is Vasya the senor and I am not?"
Tip #3. Learn how to grow up if you are already a senor.

We counted as many as 12 in total, so to be completely sure you’re not getting screwed, we highly recommend watching the report.
There were a lot more interesting numbers about hiring, generic skills, salary forks, a conversion to Servant Leadership philosophy, common myths, and of course, prescriptions for what to do about it all. Best of all, the presentation was much more informative than it could have been because it was backed by statistics ( very useful figures ).
Vivid, with a great sense of humor – this report is doomed not leave you indifferent, be sure to watch and laugh heartily at your remote workplace (no one will hear anyway;)).

Askhat Urazbayev "Flexible Management of Data Science Products"

Did you know that 87% of Data Science projects don’t make it into the extension? Do you know why? Askhat highlighted three problems :

  • Business and DS don’t understand each other.
  • Team members don’t know how to interact.
  • Low quality results breed low maturity.

And detailed and scintillating breakdown of how to solve them with Data Science professionals in mind.

As our participants appreciated Askhat’s presentation: "The scrum guru reinvented scrum in front of amazed users".

Maxim Tsepkov "The Belbin Model for IT: the strength and weakness of different teams"

Maxim talked about the proper allocation of roles and team building using the Belbin model.
Surely you’ve experienced endless arguments between competing ideas, decision-making paralysis, an over-confident leader, or an unproductive team of stars? And all you had to do was figure out who was the Pedant, or Idea Generator, or Analyst Strategist on the team, and who was the Soul of the team or the Shaper.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
And guided by the principles of Belbin’s model, properly allocate roles, find out how successful teams are structured, and learn how to form them.
We invite you to watch the report and hope it inspires you as much as it does our participants.
We also really liked the report "Levelling : how the game helped set up development processes and survive the growth crisis" Julia Suvorova (Level.Travel) told how they introduced gamification into their processes and thereby increased motivation and engagement, made development measurable, separated product verticals, and much more useful. And on top of that, the idea made the whole company feel like characters from a Crusade story and try on the mantle of a king, a judge or a witch’s hat.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
The report resonated in the souls of many participants Valery Razgulyayev "Autonomy, Promise, Trust, and Other Vkusville Principles" Seemingly a story about retail, but sincere, with concrete cases and unexpected solutions. A story with notes of the speaker’s personal experiences provided food for thought and insights for implementation.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Sergei Popov (A-League) in the report "How to Work with Juniors?" brought up the hot topic of hiring in IT and talked about the specifics of dealing with aspiring developers. Many participants probably remembered their first steps in the professional field.
The entire life cycle of a junior in one report with a good dose of humor and concern, and even with directions on where to go to get them.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?


The lion’s share of the time was taken up by a practical track on softskills from Aletheia Digital.
Historically, Alexander Ziza and Virna Stern’s mitaps have been wildly popular. They always leave with a hoarse voice, not missing a single question, but missing breakfast, lunch, and the after-party. TeamLead Conf 2020 was no exception, discussing team development, accountability, dealing with toxic colleagues, reflection and communication skills. Some of these topics have already been covered in one way or another in Alexander’s talks and articles : "Team Development and Reflexivity as Managerial Communication by a Teamleader." , "Communication as a performance area of a teamleader’s work." And the top topic of late is "Toxicity and Leadership in Teamwork." You can try to catch up on them, but of course it doesn’t compare to parsing the participants’ cases at the mitap.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?

And now about the exhibition

There were some surprises here too. The center of attraction was the stylized cabaret stand Podlodkapodcast
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Podcast hosts called for a game of Crocodile themed, offered to fire Yegor Tolstoy by practicing challenging managerial cases, put participants on the bar to shake off the mental work of the reports, and raffled off a Nintendo Switch at the end of the second day.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
At the booth KnowledgeConf there was a special police force culling the gravest crimes against knowledge. The worst among the lack of onboarding, the failure to record incidents, the dock and reality mismatch, and other things turned out to be intentional withholding of knowledge. We don’t punish criminals, we reeducate them 🙂
So for his crime, the "culprit" received a ticket to a conference on knowledge management, which will be held on May 18 in an online format – surely professional knowledge managers know how to do it effectively.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Sberbank built a small city, Sbercity, where you could play IT versions of the games Snake and Bomb.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
At the Evrone booth you had to guess the sunset country from the picture, Nixys was having a heart-to-heart talk about DevOps, and the lounge area was making coffee with pictures.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
Podcast Zinc Prod. offered to come up with a fun poem about Rust, documentat.io was memorable for decorating the booth with old manuals, Burning Lead was having management duels.
Have you noticed how many IT media outlets we have gathered under one roof? Podcast Podlodka , podcast Zinc Prod , podcast Devleads , podcast The Art of Programming We also have bloggers coming to visit ITBeard and SHIFU
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
And we and the guys made a little surprise for the audience broadcast – while the participants on the site in between presentations of the conference talked in the exhibition area, viewers could watch small interviews with the speakers. For example, Lex ITBeard. spoke with Michael Samarin (Futurice), Anton "Hungry" – with Olga Prokhodskaya , and Nikita and Ilya from Devleads discussed upcoming report with Maxim Tsepkov.
"More Interactive!" or How was TeamLead Conf 2020?
The conference is over, and now expect your valiant teamleaders to work on building trust, discussing your individual development plan, and having 1-to-1 heart-to-heart conversations. To get you ready, whether you have to implement or participate in change, we publish link to the playlist of the best papers from the past conference.

Come to Peter for the fall Saint TeamLead Conf 2020 Call for Papers Is already open, early bird tickets on sale! There will be more to come 😉

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