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“Neighbors Online.ru: the second social network on Google Maps

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Runet has launched an open beta version of the project Neighbors-Online.ru This is an interesting project that combines the functionality of a social network and an information portal with geotargeting.
The purpose of the project is the same as in The recently opened project MirTesen.ru that is to give users the opportunity to find out what’s going on in their neighborhood, what useful places and interesting people are nearby. Help you find friends in your house or entryway, find like-minded people, and provide an opportunity to exchange opinions.
An important feature of the new service is Google Maps, which displays interesting places, upcoming events and people. On the map you can display, for example, all the roller skaters in your neighborhood. In other sections of the map you can see the places of upcoming events, information about which is published here. And of course on the map are the places that users of the project found interesting, to them the visitors of the resource add their feedback.
Obviously, the developers of NeighborsOnline did not copy the development of competitors MirTesen, but simply did not have time to open before them.
The Neighbors site is a virtual image of the city, which is formed by the users themselves as they see it. For convenience, all information on the site is structured by neighborhood. Every day it publishes hundreds of news and announcements of upcoming events, plenty of reviews of interesting and useful places – stores, pharmacies, kindergartens, parks, cinemas and other socially important objects. All this is done through the efforts of the "Neighbors" team and the users themselves. By registering, you can add new facilities to the site, edit existing ones, and express your opinion in the form of reviews of facilities, as well as comments on your neighborhood forum.
To prevent chaos, the site has several degrees of spam protection, including constant moderation and the ability to complain about bad content. Provision is made to vote for good reviews, thereby improving their position and raising the status of the authors of those reviews.
In the near future plans for the development of the resource – to connect the Moscow region and major cities of Russia, as well as increasing the social and informational components.
According to the press release

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