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NetApp: Compatibility Matrix

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NetApp: Compatibility Matrix


It’s not a secret that not everything is 100% compatible, although it would seem that all the protocols, connectors, API applications are standardized, what else is needed to make the infrastructure work properly? DATA CENTER ? Even if you have two components interacting with each other, made by the same vendor, it doesn’t have to work by itself, unless you put in the exact firmware and configurations tested and proven for your particular case.All manufacturers have a compatibility matrix, where a lot of tested combinations of hardware, firmware, connections and applications are collected.Setup DATA CENTER ‘s is not a trivial process and to simplify it, it is recommended firstly to follow best practices and secondly to use a compatibility matrix that reduces the number of potentially problematic places.So using tested and proven configurations will simplify and speed up the deployment process DATA CENTER , reduces the human error factor. Widely apply this approach. in your practice to reduce potential problems in the infra DATA CENTER

Compatibility Matrix

This is a very important point, if you want to avoid all the firmware compatibility pitfalls that have been stepped on many times before, make sure you follow follow the white rabbit in the matrix and choose the right pill configuration. I want to draw your attention to the fact that it’s very common that the firmware is not compatible or "glitchy" HBA host adapter, code version FC protocol on the switch, OS , applications, etc. You need a login to access the matrix NetApp NOW ID After logging in, select Storage Solution: Storage Area Network ( SAN )
NetApp: Compatibility Matrix
Let’s add the corresponding ones one by one : DataOntap OS , HBA , Host OS , Host Utilities, Host Platform, Host Multipath, Host File System.
Generate Worksheet. Pick one configuration that works for us and make sure it is exactly what you want. If you have newer or older firmware/ OS / SOFTWARE etc. try searching again, this time not selecting versioning at the lowest level of the drop-down tree, but only the top-level items. If there is no such option as you have, then match your infrastructure to one of the options in the matrix. Upgrade/downgrade your firmware/ OS / SOFTWARE etc. And making sure that your configuration matches the matrix exactly. To eliminate all the firmware compatibility pitfalls that have been stepped on many times before.
I have a total of 7 options based on the following demo booth The first one fit me. I open it up and check that everything fits.
Although overwhelmingly there is no problem with the infrastructure from the compatibility matrix, and in my experience there has never been one. Once you reach full compliance with the compatibility matrix, there is still no 100% guarantee that everything will work as it should. But then what does the compatibility matrix give you? Compliance with the matrix gives you every right to demand help from tech support and ultimately a 100% solution to your problem.
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