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New Internet Technologies” information project

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April 7-27 in three Kiev universities as part of the information project "New Internet Technologies" will be a series of presentations by experts in the field of new media and citizen journalism and bloggers.
Project Purpose : To tell young people about the effective use of new technologies.
Presentation Topics :

  1. "Blogs. Ukrainian Blogosphere"
  2. "History of the Internet. What is Web 2.0?"
  3. "Using RSS."
  4. "Search on the Internet"
  5. "Social Media"
  6. "Social Media"

The speakers of the project will be :

  • Irina Kuchma, manager of the International Renaissance Foundation, sociologist, journalist
  • Maxon maxon Pugovsky, organizer of "BlogCamp 2007. Kiev", specialist in new media, lecturer at Mohyla school of journalism
  • Alexander teo Demchenko, organizer of "BlogCamp 2007. Kiev", specialist in the sphere of modern media
  • Serhiy Danylenko, founder of the civic journalism portal HiWay and the hiBlogger network of Ukrainian blogs
  • Alex ral Ryabtsev internet expert, entrepreneur, author Unofficial Google blog in Ukraine and startup.in.ua
  • Oksana Zavoyko, organizer of "BlogCamp 2007. Kiev", specialist in PR and social networks in Internet
  • Roman Cooluck Rybalchenko, blogger , Internet marketer and search engine assistant;
  • Stas Rudy, Internet marketer for Softkey-Ukraine, a supermarket of licensed software

In the library NTUU "KPI" presentations scheduled for April 8 and 10 (16:00); April 15, 17, 24 and 25 at 17:00 (12 Hall).
In NaUKMA on April 9, 11, 14, 16, 22 and 23, at Voloshskaya Str. 8b, Building 4, Aud. 100.
In the "red" building of T. Shevchenko National University presentations will be held April 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 22 (aud. 413, 108).
* Check the schedule on the website
Admission is free.
official site of the project

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