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New Netology course – Deep Learning: Machine Learning

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Netology’s Deep Learning course is an opportunity to learn how to work with multilayer neural networks, computer vision and other technologies not in boring lectures, but by creating real projects with mentors.A course for data scientists, data engineers, and programmers.
You will learn about the possibilities of deep machine learning, get the basics of a promising profession and add real projects to your portfolio, which you will be able to show to a potential employer. We guarantee a minimum of water and a lot of practice.
We start on November 5.

What we teach

  • Work with multidimensional convolutions using Padding stride, Pooling and LeNet. AlexNet, VGG, NiN, GoogLeNet, ResNet, and DenseNet.
  • Implement NLP from scratch from classic RNN, GRU and LSTM to top-of-the-line Encoder-Decoder architectures.
  • Manage history with Beam-Search and Teacher Forcing.
  • Build language models.
  • State-of-art segmentation.

Who is suitable for the course

Date of saentistam
You’ll get a jump on your neural network performance and be able to take on more interesting tasks.
Data Engineers
Get the tools to deepen your skills and move into the data product creation team at the middle+ level
To programmers and developers
Change your current trajectory and enter the fastest growing professional field. Practices from the course won’t be embarrassing to put on your resume.

Practitioner Educator

Alexey Kuzmin – Director of Development and Data Science at DomClik, ex-Data scientist at ABBYY. He was engaged in the recognition of languages with complex writing, in his current job he created a team that develops all the company’s models.

Course duration

November 5 – December 23.
Learn more about the course
New Netology course - Deep Learning: Machine Learning

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