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New Streaming Week: from SvelteJSto Rider

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New Streaming Week: from SvelteJSto Rider

We’re continuing our series of YouTube talk shows for various IT professionals.This week we’ll again have six different episodes for different IT people: for example, javists can rant about "Spring or Microprofile", and prosumers can rant about build systems. See the full schedule below.

Tuesday, September 29 : JS and testing

"A hard morning with HolyJS"

Time : September 29 at 10:00 (Moscow time)
How to watch : YouTube streaming

Last week’s Hard Morning with HolyJS had a hotly debated, holivarious issue With "the king of development." This one should be more peaceful: the new guest will be Pavel Malyshev, the leader of the Russian-speaking Svelte community. At the HolyJS conference he will speak with report about Svelte, but in the meantime he will discuss the practice of using this framework with the presenters Eugene Kot and Alexey Zolotiyh with clear examples. Lately you hear about Svelte more and more – no matter how much you curse the word "hype", but it seems that it’s time to jump into hyptrain and get at least a general idea. Here’s a reason to do it!

«Heisenbug Show»

Time : September 29 at 13:30 (Moscow time)
How to watch : YouTube streaming
The guest of the issue will be Anastasia Bobeleva – QA Director at Exness. Veterans of the Heisenbug conference may remember Anastasia Semenyuk’s report on testing VKontakte. Now Anastasia no longer works at VKontakte and doesn’t have the last name Semenyuk, but it is no less interesting to talk with her. She will discuss the work of QA in large companies, working practices, the results of their application, the role of testing beyond the SDLC, and how to make the world a better place through your work.

Wednesday, September 30 : Javaand .NET

"Second cup of coffee with Joker"

Time : September 30 at 14:00 (Moscow time)
How to watch : On YouTube Channel

Hosts Andrey Kogun and Vladimir Sitnikov will talk to Dmitry Alexandrov about bloody enterprice, conferences and GPUs, and argue about which is better – Microprofile or Spring.

"barnaya stoyka"

Time : September 30 at 19:00 (Moscow time)
How to watch : On YouTube Channel

The bar is a virtual substitute for an after-party after conferences with conversations about technology and life, jokes and informal atmosphere. Mikhail Scherbakov and Maksim Arshinov this time will talk to Kirill Skrygan: the head of the Rider project, who is actively involved in IntelliJ IDEA development and planning, in the past he was one of the main ReSharper developers.

Thursday, October 1 : C++

«Pure Virtual Cast»

Time : October 1 at 18:00 (Moscow time)
How to watch : YouTube streaming

Building systems is one of the eternal topics in the world of C++. But Alexander Voronkov is going deeper into the topic – for example, he will speak about modern CMake in C++Russia in November. So, let’s talk about it with him. Why is it bad (or good?) to write in old cmake-style? Why to learn cmake at all, isn’t it enough to know "hello world" level?

Friday, October 2 : DevOps


Time : October 2 at 18:00 (Moscow time)
How to watch : DevOops YouTube channel

In the devops world, many have heard the name Mark Smalley – he is both a popular conference speaker and an author of famous texts. And his experience in the IT industry exceeds forty years, so he has personally caught many of the tectonic shifts in it. In general, he obviously has a lot to talk about. Let’s do it!

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