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New website management system .NET Forge CMS6.0 with free edition

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New website management system .NET Forge CMS6.0 with free edition
NET Forge CMS – a new Web site management system for Web developers who know and love .NET technologies. The new product includes a free edition for community sites and a commercial edition with an online store integrated with "1C". .NET Forge CMS is a professional platform for .NET-developers with elaborate ORM-tools, MVC-architecture, productive and tested on large projects.
"We welcome the arrival of the .NET Forge CMS product, which includes the user-friendly Hermitage interface that has proven itself well with several thousand web studios. We are especially pleased to see that the ASP.NET developer community now has access to a free edition of the popular commercial system. Taking into account the growing interest to ASP.NET platform over the last year, .NET Forge CMS has appeared just in time to satisfy this interest", – commented Gaidar Magdanurov, Web Technology Manager at Microsoft Russia.
NET Forge CMS 6.0 includes two editions : Community and Business. The free Community edition allows you to quickly create modern community sites, blogs, personal sites and other web projects, saving money on the platform. Business Edition is a commercial system for creating online stores, sites with high load, for which the issues of scaling, fault tolerance and security are critical.
In .NET Forge CMS 6.0 integrated "Hermitage" interface, implemented multi-site technology, managed caching, SKU system in the online store, the new licensing policy is applied.
In .NET Forge CMS the concept of interface "Hermitage", which has been used in "1C-Bitrix : Site Management" for a year, is implemented. "Hermitage" has proven itself perfectly in the work, combining an improved management interface and a "package" of recommendations for web developers, following which the developer creates fast, secure, convenient and easily managed web projects.
New website management system .NET Forge CMS6.0 with free edition
New website management system .NET Forge CMS6.0 with free edition
NET Forge CMS 6.0 introduced multisite technology to create multiple sites on a single copy with different domain names. All sites work within a single application. Multisite also works on shared hosting.
Controlled caching technology (Cache Dependencies) implemented in .NET Forge CMS 6.0, serves to automatically update the data immediately after they are changed. This technology allows you to display changes on your site without waiting for the cache to be updated by the system at preset time intervals. Managed caching – one of the most important technological components of user-friendly work with the site.
The product has built-in support for working with SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in the online store. You can now add different SKUs to one product depending on properties or characteristics (e.g., shirt color, clothing size, car package).
NET Forge CMS is based on the product "1C-Bitrix : Site Management ASP.NET". The development of "1C-Bitrix : Website Management ASP.NET" is completed. .NET Forge CMS is developed as a separate independent product.
All owners of commercial licenses "1C-Bitrix : Site Management ASP.NET" with active technical support can upgrade to "Business Edition" .NET Forge CMS 6.0 for free with SiteUpdate update technology.
Download the free Community edition and the trial version of the commercial edition from http://www.bitrix.net/ru/download/
Learn more about .NET Forge CMS at http://www.bitrix.net

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