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NFCtags from subway maps

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A few days ago, Sony released an app Xperia™ SmartTags which works beautifully in the following video clip:
In other words, by hanging so-called SmartTags in different places, we associate with them certain actions on the phone. The idea is not so new, but it’s nice. And what to do for those who don’t have a Sony phone and SmartTags haven’t been commercially available yet? Go to the subway!
The Moscow Metro card is essentially the same SmartTag. Each card has a unique ID, the size is small, what is not a replacement for the tags from Sony?
When we have a few of these metro tickets in hand, go to android market and install a simple utility NFC ReTAG FREE It can scan and enter into its own database nfc-tags, as well as detecting actions on them (there is support for tasks Tasker ).
Step by step instructions :
1. get a ticket for the Moscow subway;
2. Launch NFC ReTAG FREE;
3. Bringing the ticket to the phone;
4. NFC ReTAG FREE will detect the new tag and offer to add it to the database;
5. Adding;
6. Determine what actions to take when redefining a tag previously entered in the database;
7. That’s it.
P.S. There is one "but". To determine the tag, the phone must be turned on and unlocked.
P.P.S. Of course, your phone must have support for NFC From popular models I can remember the Samsung Nexus S (as it turned out, the utility does not install from the market, swearing about the incompatibility with this phone, but it is not … I’m uploading a separate apk ).
P.P.P.S. A good way to make the subway ticket even thinner, described here (flush the paper cover with water).
P.P.P.P.S. If anyone is interested, from the subway ticket you can also read out the information about the number of trips (total and used), as well as the time of validity. This is done by the utility " Ticket information " or NFC TagInfo by NXP

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