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Nissan’s “self-parking” chair – a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?

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Welcome our readers to the blog iCover ! What would happen if smart parking assistant technology was implemented at the level of a regular office chair? – That’s roughly the question Nissan engineers asked themselves and created the Intelligent Parking Chair, a chair that can navigate the right "route" and "park" without human guidance.
Nissan's "self-parking" chair - a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?
Smart parking assistant technologies marketed by Japanese auto giant Nissan and incorporated into conventional chairs and seats Okamura could very well be used in modern offices, conference rooms, libraries, and any other high-traffic public space in the future.The idea, which at first glance looks a little strange, on closer examination acquires attractive details and a certain practical content.
From the point of view of the office staff and attendants, controlling the smart chair is extremely simple. It is enough to clap your hands or activate some other conventional signal and the structure moves and, guided by the information received via Wi-Fi channels from the controlling computer, sails in real time to the desired location. If there is a need to overcome obstacles on the way the route of the chair is automatically corrected by the controlling algorithm. Due to computer processing of routes the whole process of chair positioning takes seconds and doesn’t require any physical effort regardless of the number of seats and room size.
Nissan's "self-parking" chair - a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?
The information processed by the computer comes from four cameras installed in the room in a special way. As you will see in the video below, the chair actually navigates quite quickly and confidently in space, choosing the shortest trajectory and not interfering with other traffic participants. Sometimes it may need a tricky maneuver to reach the goal, and even turn the right angle up to 360 degrees. And sometimes it will have the honorable mission to go to the destination together with its owner. Telling the truth, judging by the complex of the model shown in the video the admissible weight of a body transported in a prototype’s armchair stubbornly aspires to zero yet.
Nissan's "self-parking" chair - a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?
Interesting assessment of experts authoritative publications The Vergeand Engadget, divided in opinion on the reality of such a chair in the foreseeable future. So according to the journalists’ opinion The Verge , the demonstrated prototypes are a triumph of modern technology and a new word in the Internet of Things industry. Experts from Engadget On the contrary, they do not have any illusions explaining the fact of appearance of this development as one of the original ways of advertising of actively developing by Nissan intelligent parking assistants. The car seats, demonstrated on the video, according to the opinion of the magazine, will stay there, and the office staff and cleanliness stuff will have to push them in their places by traditional means for some years.
Whatever the true purpose of the project "Intelligent Parking Chair", it is impossible not to agree that the technology implemented in smart chairs copes with its task flawlessly. This means that, in one interpretation or another, the idea proposed by Nissan engineers is likely to be in demand in the IoT world as well.

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Nissan's "self-parking" chair - a successful advertisement or a promising innovation?

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