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“No SMS” – a service that allows you to unsubscribe from annoying text messages

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"No SMS" - a service that allows you to unsubscribe from annoying text messages
The topic of dealing with unwanted text ads has been raised more than once on Habra [1] I’d like to make a small contribution to the fight against the many-headed spam hydra.
I, like probably many, often receive SMS messages with "unobtrusive" advertising cabs, loans, fitness centers and other pleasures of life. And today I came across the service smsnenado.ru [2] offering to unsubscribe from text messages.

%username%, I have nothing to do with this service, I warn you right away

When I saw the repost of the news about this project – I was skeptical, but curiosity overcame, and I went exploring.
On the home page we are offered this option to wrestle with.

  • Fill out the form and confirm the phone number
  • Service will send request to operator to unsubscribe
  • When this happens, the server will send a notification to the e-mail

I snicker incredulously and go to the "Terms of Service" at the bottom of the form. And there I see this :
The terms and conditions are a public offer. It declares the free and gratuitous services to disconnect me from the sms distribution. It declares that the data received "under no circumstances will be used to perform SMS mailing."
Well, all in all, not bad, I thought, and decided to leave an application.
"No SMS" - a service that allows you to unsubscribe from annoying text messages
I entered the data and received an SMS on my phone with a request to confirm the number by entering the code on the site, so as not to disturb the operators in vain. Here a little doubt appeared, but after checking my account, I confirmed. So far the money is there.
Soon, a message dropped to my email

Thank you for using our service. Your request has been accepted for processing.
We will send your complaint to the distributor of advertising demanding that you stop texting. If the distributor does not stop sending messages, we will prepare instructions and a ready-made text for you to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. A complaint is filed through the online reception desk and the procedure takes about 10 minutes. You do not need your further involvement – the supervisory authority itself will deal with the illegal SMS mailing.

More researching the site of the service, I learned – the company that created the service (CJSC "Vendosoft") itself is a developer of software for sms-mailing and by creating this service is trying to fight with negligent competitors who violate the law.
In general, the project site all told popularly, there is a section with FAQ and feedback. Well, after reading the section "Help the project", I decided to support this good cause and write an article on the Hubr, telling you %username% about another way to fight it.
I hope it was helpful.
UPD: VendoSoft director found me on vk
"No SMS" - a service that allows you to unsubscribe from annoying text messages
At his request, I am posting the responses to the comments :

HangGlider, March 3, 2013 at 00:25#
| we will prepare for you an instruction manual and a ready-made text for filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office
illegal SMS advertising is handled by the FAS. There are plenty of instructions on how to do this.

Response : Yes, according to the law, advertising distributed by SMS is under the jurisdiction of the FAS. But there are a couple of points :
1) There is no uniform policy regarding sms distribution in FAS, in every region FAS acts differently – somewhere can fine (examples are on smsnenado.ru ), somewhere can let it slide. In general, ms.
On the other hand, applying to the FAS is not beneficial for SMS recipients – they can be fined. Therefore, our service is useful for both SMS senders and SMS recipients.

IllAIR, March 3, 2013 at 01:04#
Can anyone tell me more about the back end of the service? That is, how do they understand that Kredit+ (number) belongs to such-and-such a company. On what basis do they represent your interests?

Response : First of all, some of the mailings go through us. Secondly, we have agreements with other companies that also do SMS. Yes, we can’t find some of the senders yet, because we have not yet established relationships with all the SMS distributors, and we inform people if they can’t unsubscribe from the mailing list.

L3n1n, March 3, 2013 at 01:26#
In most cases, the service will only help disable the operators’ own advertising sms. But also begs the question "why would they do that? You can do it yourself by calling the operator. The result is the same, and you will not leave your number to third parties.

Response : By sms operators we do not mean cellular operators, but specifically companies that do sms. These companies have contracts with mobile operators, and OPSOs in accordance with the law on communication can not miss their mailings. We contact the SMS distributors and give them the details of the person who wants to unsubscribe.

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