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Novell will “attack” Microsoft

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At meeting with journalists in Sydney, Australia, Novell CEO and president Ron Hovsepian made a truly stirring statement. Not shy in his words, Ron said that his company will "vigorously attack Microsoft" and its new Vista OS.
It must be said right away that Hovsepian does not seem to have lost his mind and is not declaring war on Microsoft and severing all relations. He praised Novell’s collaboration with MS and assured that they get a lot out of this business partnership.
However, he named one thing as the main goal of working together. The only way to survive in the software market and not be crushed by the "ruthless power" of Microsoft is to go right behind it. The closer Novell’s experts get to its customers, the better their chances of luring them to Linux.
For example, thanks to the contacts obtained through MS, Novell reached out to the Peugeot automobile concern, which managed to contract thousands of Suse Linux distributions to be installed and maintained on their PCs and servers.
According to Ron, Vista took a long time to develop and five years of cooking in its own juice made the code very complicated and messy. Free operating systems do not have this drawback, and this can be turned into a big advantage when competing for the customers.
Describing the agreement with Microsoft itself, Hovsepian assured reporters that it was not a forced move. A confident understanding of all the implications and goals of this document made it possible to reject the mutual licensing agreements imposed by Novell for proprietary technologies that were very likely to harm the Open Source community as a whole.
Officials say that cooperation between the two companies will continue in the future without significant changes. But the sharp tongues of critics (see, for example, here ) still haunt the management of the recently respected and now cursed Novell. One good thing: they seem to be willing to do anything to regain their former reputation.

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