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Official sites of manufacturers of home appliances and electronics

by admin

There is a new project online : companyinfo.ru
This site provides web addresses of official websites of appliance and electronics manufacturing companies.
The site will be useful both to buyers who buy goods in online stores, and to online stores themselves, exhibiting goods of home appliances and electronics for sale.
The goal of the project is to give customers the opportunity to learn more detailed and often more accurate information about the product, and for internet-shops to put on their site accurate and more complete description of the sold product.
P.S.: This project was not done by me, but by a new hubrachel with the nickname 7bb He himself filled out a catalog for an online store brwtehno.ru, and doing it, ran into this problem – where to get descriptions for products. In Yandex.Market and other online stores product descriptions often contain errors or they are incomplete, and he began to collect them from the websites of manufacturers. And now, in order to help other people, he decided to make a catalog of websites of manufacturers of home appliances and electronics. I think this site will be useful to all internet sellers.
When I learned about this project of his, I advised him to post on Habra to the collective blog "E-commerce" about the launch of this site. He registered on Habra, but, of course, he could not post here, because he did not have enough karma to do so. So I posted here information about his project on his behalf and I ask you to raise his karma ( you can do it here ) so that in the future he himself could publish his own posts on this collective blog.

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