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OneTwoTrip attracted $8 million from Goldman Sachs

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As reports the Kommersant newspaper, online airline ticketing service OneTwoTrip has attracted investment from a large Goldman Sachs fund, which has acquired an additional $8 million worth of OneTwoTrip stock.
OneTwoTrip was launched in May 2011. The creator of the service, Peter Curtis, claims that he was able to reach operating profitability in almost six months. OneTwoTrip is co-owned by Atomico and Phenomen Ventures, which invested $16 million and $9 million respectively.
Features of the service are ranking carriers by such parameters as the year of manufacture of the aircraft, the distance between seats, the probability of a possible delayed flight. In addition, split-payments are used: one amount is paid to the airline for the ticket, and the other is paid as a commission (4-7% of the ticket price).
The magazine "Secret of the Firm" published a rating of the largest Russian online sellers, according to which OneTwoTrip ranks 10th with an average turnover of 1.7 billion rubles per month, which is much higher than, for example, AWAD with 1 billion rubles.
According to Ozon.travel analysts, in 2014 the volume of the airline tickets market increased by about 20% and amounted to 230 billion rubles. And the share of online services for the sale of airline tickets in this market is about 30%.
Alexander Sizintsev, CEO of Biletix, believes that OneTwoTrip is "a profitable project, one of the leaders. A few years ago, the company’s valuation reached $100 million. And now, according to experts, it will be several times higher.

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