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OneWeb offers Russia a stake in the project in exchange for frequencies

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OneWeb offers Russia a stake in the project in exchange for frequencies
The other day, representatives of the OneWeb satellite communications operator project met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. At the meeting, the company offered the Russian government an agreement : 12.5% in the project in exchange for a certain spectrum of frequencies in Russia, about which reported "Vedomosti".
Russia is an important market for One Web. The fact is that there are quite a few regions in the country without broadband Internet access, so One Web is hoping for customers from these locations.
To operate in Russia, the company has created a joint venture with Roscosmos, which has been named OneWeb. OneWeb, a global company, owns 60% of the company’s capital, and 40% is owned by Gonets, a satellite communications system controlled by Roscosmos. By 2021. planned to launch satellites on Soyuz rockets from such launch sites as Baikonur (Kazakhstan), Vostochny (Russia) and Kourou (French Guiana). As mentioned above, a total of 21 Soyuz rockets were contracted at a total cost of $1 billion. The contract was the largest order ever placed for Russian launch services. Work to deliver satellites into orbit was scheduled to begin Feb. 15, 2019.
Earlier, Unveb submitted several applications to the State Commission on Radio Frequencies for spectrum in Russia. Unfortunately, these applications were not granted. Moreover, in October, a representative of the Federal Security Service said that the company was a threat to Russia’s national security and could be used for intelligence purposes.
According to Reuters, the Russian government is still discussing the OneWeb proposal and the issue of frequency allocation. If Russia manages to get a minority stake in OneWeb, the country will be represented on the project’s board of directors, gaining access to its technical documentation. Nevertheless, the government wants this access even before the deal is signed.
OneWeb spokesman Christopher Torres declined to comment, saying only that the company is in discussions with virtually every country around the world.
So far, OneWeb has received more than $1.7 million from investors including Airbus, Bharti, Coca-Cola, Hughes, Virgin Group, Qualcomm and SoftBank.

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