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Online shopping on 11.11 as a reason to get to know each other

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New holidays appear in calendars sometimes unexpectedly. And not everyone knows that November 11 is World Shopping Day, which appeared with the light hand of Chinese marketers. Why this day? The fact is that 11.11 is the day of the bachelor (a single, single person) in China. For several years now, on this day online and offline stores hold big sales, hand out coupons and write out discounts. A good Chinese tradition, combining Black Friday and Cyber Monday, quickly overcame the Chinese firewall. has caught on all over the world – who’s going to turn down thousands of items priced from a few cents? We are proud to be a part of this tradition.
Online shopping on 11.11 as a reason to get to know each other

Who are we?

Hello, Geektimes! You and I already know each other in absentia, it’s time to get to know each other in person. JD.com. – China’s largest online retailer, ranked as the second largest B2C e-commerce player. Globally, the company is named the fourth largest e-commerce company. Since May 2014, the company has been listed on the NASDAQ trading floor. JD.com, as PRC’s largest online retailer, has a track record of 123 owned warehouses and 3, 210 order pickup centers. The online retailer has an en.jd.comaddress for the international market and a JD.ru address for Russia. The version created for the Russian market fully provides service for Russian customers.
The main difference between JD.com and other Chinese online stores is the special, unparalleled JD Collection brand area. JDCollection category contains only original products by brands, which guarantees you high quality, reasonable prices, one year warranty service and possibility to return the goods within 30 days after purchase. We value your time, so we are quite fast: even in sale periods, we try to deliver the goods within 7 days.
Our arrival in Russia was noisy, interesting, and controversial. The challenge has been accepted. Today we see that many shoppers fell in love with JD.com for its good prices, neat and fast delivery. And now, having finally solved all the issues with coupons, we are giving the start to our very first sale on 11.11 in Russia. We have something to say to the Russian-speaking IT community. In particular, we are happy to talk about the peculiarities of Chinese retail, problems and solutions arising when sending parcels, talk about new brands and gadgets already loved by Russians: smartphones, budget action-cameras, quadcopters and numerous electronic toys.
We’ll have time to discuss all of these topics, but for now about the main thing for today – the grand sale on 11/11.

SALE on JD.com

JD.com’s online store offers a huge range of items, from consumer goods and trinkets to serious gadgets from local and global brands. That’s why we’ve designed the sale to reach the maximum audience with all kinds of needs and interests. To this end, we have developed a system of coupons, with the help of which a customer can make purchases at a discount of up to 40% or purchase goods for only 5 cents, depending on the type of promotion, as well as purchase goods in the special offers category at a discount of up to 80%.
We know a lot about Chinese brands that are ready to give an answer to almost any global technical novelty. So for us, one of the goals of the 11.11 sale is to make the Russian consumer more familiar with the biggest international brands. Xiaomi, Nubia, Wileyfox, ZUK, Oneplus, Zopo – these brands are already well known to Russian geeks and have earned their trust. Flash sales, for example, featured leading models of smartphones already familiar to many, such as Wileyfox Storm, Nubia Z9 Maxi, Oneplus One, Meizu M2 Note.
The start of the "11.11" sale in 2015 proved that JD.com’s efforts to conquer Russian consumers were not in vain. Our thoughts are confirmed by the most recently collected statistics. Judge for yourself : the official sales of the "Bachelor’s Day" campaign started on JD Global ( en.jd.com and jd.ru ) on November 9 at 10:00 Moscow time, and already on November 10 at 10:00 am the recorded number of orders from dozens of countries reached 300, 000. Russia is the first foreign market to which JD.com officially entered, launching a separate Russified online platform JD.ru. And in the first two days of a large-scale sale for the "Bachelors’ Day" about 80% of orders placed were in Russia and the CIS. Smartphones and electronics make up more than 50% of all orders.

About the main thing – about coupons!

If you have not registered on the site, urgently proceed! There are currently 2 types of discount coupons available for JD.ru registered users:

  • Coupon JD555 Gives you the opportunity to purchase items from a list of 20, 000 items for only 5 cents. Coupon is valid for the entire promotion period.
  • Coupon JD777 provides a $10-$20 discount on special offers from well-known Chinese brands. It is also valid on all days of the sale.

Third coupon, JD111 , gave a discount on items that participated in flash sales on the first day of the promotion. This coupon is currently valid as a discount ($20 off a $50 order, $40 off a $100 order, and $60 off a $150 order).
To get a discount, simply enter the coupon code in a special field at checkout, which includes the names of the products for which the promo code applies. By the way, an invitation code will be emailed to you when you register. if you send it to a friend or acquaintance, you will each receive $10.
Going ahead and answer the expected question in the comments – technical problems with the coupons should not be, at least 2 days they work without problems. So we’re waiting for you with coupons at sales page The discount festival, timed to coincide with Bachelor’s Day and the beautiful date of 11/11, is already in full swing!


It is possible that you have heard rumors about the alleged problems with our project, diligently propagandized by the titular Russian media. We deem it necessary to write about it in the official blog.
Recently read that your discount coupons don’t work…? At the end of October we did have a technical problem with the mechanism for issuing and activating coupons, we made our best efforts and resolved the problem within a few days. All bona fide customers were returned coupons on the same terms and conditions, the action was resumed on October 27, it has been going on for 2 weeks and is timed with the 11.11 sale, there are no problems. So, better to see once than hear 100 times.
Recently read that you had your customer data stolen and posted in the public domain…? Many Internet companies, including some of the biggest and best-known ones, have had leaks of user data. In contrast to these examples, we have not had any critical data leaks (neither passport data, nor emails, nor plastic card data). Moreover, our team did everything possible and managed to stop publication of 95% of all sources within 8 hours of the leak.
I recently read that information about paying for an item goes to someone’s email It’s not 🙂 In fact, it’s the mail of the art director who led the process of creating the custom newsletter layout. His mail was used in the layout as a sample. No emails "to the side" went out.
In just a few days we want to sell out 20, 000 items for 5 cents and tens of thousands more at equally attractive prices. We plan to deliver it all in seven days. Simply put, we’re ready. Are you with us?
Online shopping on 11.11 as a reason to get to know each other
Happy shopping!

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