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Online Switch mod-chip store agrees to pay Nintendo$2 million

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Online Switch mod-chip store agrees to pay Nintendo$2 million
Nintendo concluded agreement with Uberchips.com, the online store to which it filed sued for selling hacks and chips for Switch. The agreement also calls for the store to destroy any remaining stock of pirated products.
Meanwhile, hackers from Team Xecuter, the group that developed the illegal software, were arrested by police in the Dominican Republic at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice. The group is led by Chinese national Yuanning Chen, Frenchman Max Luarn, and Canadian Gary Bowser. They face up to 20 years in prison.
After cracking the original Switch techs in 2018, Team Xecuter released a new line of products this year. These chips are the SX Core and SX Lite, which work on all Switch Classic and Lite consoles.
Nintendo, after unsuccessfully trying to fight hackers, decided to sue the stores that sold hacks. After the lawsuit was filed, the owner of Uberchips stopped offering illegal software, and soon denied all accusations in court. Recently, however, the store owner and the company did decide to come to an agreement.
According to the document, the store owner can no longer promote the Uberchips group on Facebook or other social networks and must transfer the domain name Uberchips.com to Nintendo.
Meanwhile, Nintendo continues to sue eight other, allegedly foreign distribution sites. In addition, it is filed lawsuit against Connecticut-based Logistics, which offered a $60 mod-chip installation service on its website. Finally, Nintendo threatened to the court to the developer of Dragoninjector hardware, a cartridge-shaped pailoader that fits into a console slot and allows different versions of firmware to be installed and downloaded onto the device. The developer had to shut down the project.
Team Xecuter is not a party to any of these lawsuits. The hacker group accuses Nintendo of censorship, monopolistic control, and legal intimidation tactics.

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