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Open broadcast of the main hall of RIT++

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This year we are again broadcasting the main hall for free RIT++ conference festival.

Broadcast of the first day of RIT++ on YouTube

Broadcast of the second day of RIT++ on YouTube

Text Media Streaming in a Telegram Channel (@RITFestStream channel)

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We begin at 9:30 with welcoming remarks by Oleg Bunin, and at 10:00 the presentations will begin.
Full schedule is available on the website, and below are the most interesting reports that anyone can see!

May 28

10:00 — Microservices on the Mail.ru frontend / Yegor Utrobin (Mail.ru)
The Mail.ru mail team’s invaluable experience implementing microservices on the frontend to speed up nearly every step of the development process.It will be interesting to see if everything is so rosy, and what efforts it took.
11:00 — How we separated the frontend from the monolithic backend / Zarema Khalilov (Uploadcare)
From convincing management to the final architecture.Let’s talk about the deploy setup, the development process, and why everyone was happy.
12:00 — Microservice architecture, approaches and technologies / Kirill Vetchinkin (TYME)
How to design a true microservice architecture, what technologies will help, and what are the main pros and cons of doing so.All this with a look back at specific cases.
13:00 — Approaches to sharding implementation in modern [No]SQL-systems / Konstantin Osipov (Tarantool)
A comparison of the architecture and technical solutions to implementing sharding in modern SQL and NoSQL systems, in particular Couchbase, MongoDB, Cassandra, CockroachDB and, of course, Tarantool.
14:00 — Monitoring and Kubernetes / Dmitry Stolyarov (Flant)
Extensive experience with monitoring setup from running 21 projects on Kubernetes.with over 200 different applications written in 8 programming languages.
15:00 — Fine tuning load balancing / Nikolay Sivko (okmeter.io)
Let’s talk about those aspects of load balancing that are not yet very popular and that most engineers don’t know about.
16:00 — Why everyone should want you / Sergey Ryzhikov (1C-Bitrix)
The CEO of 1C-Bitrix will tell you what a startup should focus on so it doesn’t close in a few years.
17:00 — Even More CSS Secrets / Lea Verou (MIT CSAIL)
Ten amazing and practical tricks you can do in CSS.
18:00 — Refactoring – Where? Where to? When? From where? Why? Why and How? / Alexey Okhrimenko (IPONWEB)
What’s wrong with the habitual desire to rewrite code, how to deal with it, what approaches to refactoring there are, and what you can achieve with it on the example of a computer game.

May 29

11:00 — This wonderful Node.js / Alexander Lobashev (RaiffeisenBank)
What happens in Node.js when code is executed? How does I/O work? Why can’t blocking operations be used in web server operations? Answers to these questions, as well as a detailed breakdown of the Nodejs platform device.
12:00 — Ivan Tulup : asynchronism in JS under the hood / Mikhail Bashurov (Luxoft)
How shuffles differ from microtasks, how browsers manage task priorities, and stuff like that. All this to take advantage of the asynchrony of JavaScript, which at the same time has a single thread, and not shoot yourself in the foot.
13:00 — Why does a developer need statistics, or how to improve the quality of a product?
/ Yuri Lilekov (Badoo)

What technical statistics are, how to collect, store and display them, and what they have to do with product quality. Let’s take a look at the approaches used by Badoo, which allow us to quickly find technical problems and identify their causes.
14:00 — From 1 release per week to 30 releases per day / Alexei Parshukov (DocDoc)
The journey from 1 release a week to 30 releases a day, why it’s needed, how much it costs, and most importantly : how it works.
15:00 — In Search of the Perfect CI Pipeline / Ilya Saulenko (Avito)
Teams with a working Continuous Deployment process will get from the report information to think about what processes are missing from their existing pipelines, and developers just planning to implement CI will get criteria for choosing the most appropriate integration server for them.
16:00 — The subtleties of publishing projects on GitHub / Kamil Ismagilov (Rossiyskaya Gazeta)
Learn how to make an OpenSource project intuitive for developers and how to promote it.
17:00 — Professional burnout : who is to blame and what to do. A look from inside and outside / Alexander Orlov (Stratoplan)
A report about emotional burnout, "Groundhog Day" and what one encounters at different stages of one’s career, and how to manage it all.

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