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Orange rebranding everywhere

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Orange rebranding everywhere OSMP , highly visible by its marketing activity against its competitors, announced a rebranding last Tuesday. Already 70, 000 of the payment system’s terminals installed across the country will harbor a kiwi bird, which has become the symbol of the new brand – QIWI Recognition of "machines" QIWI among uncountable brethren of other systems should increase. And the reason why people will carry their banknotes in their gut will be the ability to pay for a variety of services with them: from the usual cell phone to the fines and taxes.
During the last months several pilot projects were carried out in Moscow, within the framework of which it was possible to pay traffic fine receipts, buy theater tickets (musical "Mamma Mia!") and train tickets through a limited number of terminals. The experience seemed to be successful for the OSMP, and now till the end of the year all these innovations will be available through every terminal.
In his interview to RBC TV President of OSMP Andrei Romanenko said that the existing fleet of terminals is working only at 50% of its capacity. It means that theoretically it is possible to increase the turnover of the payment system twice without adding new points – if only people would bring money to it. However, payments for cellular communication, which is the main source of injections into the system so far, is already 95% going through terminals, so it became impossible to expand at its expense.
That is why new directions of work are being introduced, which by the number of transactions will hardly ever overtake payments for communications, but in terms of volume they may well equal them, since the same housing and utilities services, for example, are much more expensive than the average resident spends on communications.
Orange rebranding everywhere The new brand is intended to draw the attention of the population to the new possibilities of terminals. The brand will also apply to the Internet and cell phone payment system.
Half a million euros was spent to develop the brand; its promotion in the first two months will cost the company about $1 million. Promotion will be done through advertising in the subway and on bills for utilities and Mosenergo services, promotions in universities and shopping malls, etc.
OSMP main competitor – the company CyberPlat, refused to comment on the launch of the brand QIWI, citing its corporate policy.
To access the system through any interface, the user is encouraged to create one account in which they can store the history of past payments and plan future ones.
At the request of the technical details of the system to get from the OSMP intelligible response was not possible. By the way, the weak point of the company’s rebranding is clearly the lack of strength on the public relations front. We wish them to correct this situation as soon as possible.
Micropayments are an extremely promising line of business. And their development all over the world has traditionally taken place in the atmosphere of support from both users and government agencies. In this light OSMP investments into the brand look more than worthy and quite timely. Especially against the background of rather dirty competition methods of payment systems market players in Russia, with the virtual absence of business communication with its customers – millions of people in the country.

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