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Paper capable of storing 450GB of information, a “tale” of new technology

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According to an Arab News report, Sainul Abideen, a technology university student, has invented a method of storing a huge amount of digital data on a simple piece of paper. In fact, Abideen says his "rainbow technology" can record up to 450GB of information on a piece of paper.
But based on the results of the demonstration, the technology still needs to be developed.
Abidin states that his Rainbow System is better than the conventional binary memory system because it uses geometric shapes, such as squares and hexagons, to represent information instead of zeros and ones. Color is also used in the system to represent other pieces of information. As the developer says, all you need to read Rainbow data is a scanner and specialized software.
A reporter from Arab News says the demonstration showed a 45-second video clip recorded with Rainbow technology on a plain sheet of paper. But if this technology can record 450GB, we will soon be able to store full-length movies in high quality on a simple piece of paper.
One of the main advantages of the Rainbow System is that it will cost a lot less than conventional polycarbonate DVDs or CDs. Abidin says that huge data banks can be built on Rainbow technology media.
At the moment, Abidin’s system is still under development at the College of Engineering, and although no major company has yet taken an interest in the technology, its author is confident of its success. According to the report, Abidin is now diligently developing the Rainbow Scanner, which should be small enough to be integrated into laptops. If successful, the Rainbow Printer will be next in line.

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