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“Parter and Contramarka have changed investors.

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The two ticket agencies are "Parter." and "Contramark." – have recently become the property of the German holding company CTS Eventim This holding bought 51% of shares of LLC "Spectator" (owns the trademarks "Parter" and "Kontramarka") from the Swiss investment company InterGlobal Consulting for an undisclosed amount. This is reported by "Kommersant."
CTS Eventim has been given the option to buy the remaining 49% of Spectator’s shares within six months, according to a deal completed Dec. 12. The acquired company is expected to generate about $25 million in combined sales this year. Experts estimate it itself at $20 million. Recall that Spectator sells tickets through www.parter.ru and www.kontramarka.ru And their ticket booths.
According to experts, now on the Russian market there are favorable conditions for the arrival of international ticketing agencies (CTS Eventim, for example, one of the European leaders among the sellers of tickets for entertainment events). The market will expand at the expense of the regions, which will repeat the Moscow dynamics of recent years.
This trend is dictated by both the growth of the domestic entertainment industry and the gradual emergence of the habit of consumers shopping remotely, due to the spread of the Internet. "The Internet will grow primarily in the regions, – says Dmitry Stepanov, executive director of Afisha Digital, – in Moscow 50% of the able-bodied population at least once a month uses the Internet, and in the regions the figure is 19-20%".
At Spectator LLC itself, they also say that regional expansion is in the company’s plans. "Right now we are interested in a strategic investor, " says Marina Lensu, general director of the LLC. – This will give us not only additional funding, but also proven technology that will allow us to develop dynamically in the regions."

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