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Passport to the Internet – attempt n+1

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MOSCOW, November 12./TASS/. A proposal to discuss the introduction in Russia of mandatory registration with a passport when accessing the Internet was sent to the leadership of the State Duma and the Federation Council on Tuesday. The initiative was authored by Rakhman Yansukov, President of "Avanti" Association of Entrepreneurs for Development of Business Patriotism.
The specialized Duma Committee on Information Policy is ready to initiate a discussion of this topic, but believes that it is necessary to first ask the Russians themselves about it.
"We propose to introduce on the territory of the Russian Federation mandatory registration for citizens when accessing the Internet, " reads the address of the head of the association (we have a copy at the disposal of TASS). – Thus, any citizen wishing to use the Internet on the territory of Russia will have to provide an electronic version of his identity document". Registration of underage citizens should be based on the documents of their parents or legal representatives, the text specifies.
According to Yansukov, the same principle should apply in places of public use of the Internet. "Anyone would have to register with a passport and only then get access to the World Wide Web, " the letter points out. "This measure will personalize every action of a citizen in the Internet and, as a consequence, prevent misconduct, and in the case of such – immediately identify the culprit, " emphasizes the author of the idea. – In addition, the proposed initiatives will help protect minors, as well as other vulnerable categories of citizens from the negative impact of the Internet.

Passport to the Internet - attempt n+1

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