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– Do you know, Afanasy Stepanovich, what your mistake is? – He said tiredly, closing his eyes.- You believe that the world exists by some rules, that there is meaning and r-order in it. But I realized long ago that life is nothing but chaos. There is no order in it at all, and there are no rules either.

Boris Akunin, "Coronation or The Last of the Novels"

Perfect design

So many developers, especially those just starting out in their professional careers, faithfully believe that there is such a thing as "Perfect Design".
So there you go. It doesn’t exist.
Design and architecture are always a compromise in the struggle, in the architect’s perfectionism to get out of the constraints: budget, time, resources. And there are always these constraints.
At the dawn of my career (not that it was going downhill, but it’s been a while by IT standards) I fell into this trap myself – and more than once. A passion to make everything beautiful, extensible and, if possible, last forever.

The criterion of completeness, of the finality of any deed, of any thing, is beauty. And in flying, perhaps more than in any other case, beauty is everywhere. A flying airliner is beautiful – how many such shots we have seen in the movies… But rarely, only a few strangers are lucky enough to get into the pilot’s cabin and be present at the act of Flight’s creation.
So: in my crew, the main thing is to make is beautiful.
Maybe the beauty of the Cause is the beauty that will save the world?
– Sit down. Watch. Learn how to is is done.
That’s how you always tune a rookie, usually a co-pilot : here’s how you can do it beautifully. Like a song to sing. And – you show it with your hands.

Vasily Vasilievich Ershov, "Reflections of a Sled Dog".
Over time, however, it has come to be understood that for any software project, such constraints are vital. Otherwise it will simply never be completed. Remember even your personal projects – I’m more than sure that a great many of them acquired undeserved "long-build" status precisely because this elusive goal was pursued. Perfect Design
Design can asymptotically approach Perfect Design, but, in full agreement with the laws of mathematics, can never achieve it.

In lieu of a conclusion

If you have time, read the three books – " Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design ", " Getting Real " and the already quoted "Reflections of a Sled Dog."
In the first of them you will find already in the very beginning a confirmation of the idea of the unattainability of Perfect Design, and all other chapters will be an excursion into the history, telling about decision-making and about compromises.
The second one, brief and to the point, will be very useful to adopt in everyday life.
And the third is worth reading just to see how much a man can love his business and learn how to do everything beautifully

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