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Pirates are going to be deprived of advertising revenue

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The fight against Internet pirates continues (in any case, it is theorized on this topic by everyone who is lazy) – for example, the head of Amedia company Alexander Akopov, one of the largest producers of television products in Russia, plans to close the pirates’ access to advertising revenue. He did not propose to fight pirated products on the Web as such, but simply to deprive pirates of advertising revenue.
The other day Akopov said that since pirates’ revenues on the Web come mostly from advertising, it is necessary to prohibit advertisers, both domestic and foreign, from placing advertisements on pirate sites. To achieve this goal he proposes to inform about the pirate sites to local and foreign advertisers, who must stop cooperating with such sites. In addition, Akopov also plans to punish users who download movies illegally.
He even plans to buy a strip in the online magazine RBC Daily, where, he says, he will publish information about those people who download content illegally (the name of the movie downloaded).
Akopov, like all "fighters against Internet piracy", believes that it is the pirates who deprive domestic producers of a part of their income. For example, employees of Amedia, for example, have calculated that the losses of Russian rights holders, offended by pirates, amount to more than a billion dollars every year.
Akopov blames "Vkontakte" for the huge amount of illegally posted content on its pages (read: movies, music). He is even preparing to sue the developers of the social network, calling them criminals. However, after a while he retracted his words and apologized to those very developers.
In general, the proposed measures, coupled with the proposal of deputies of the Moscow City Duma (these figures proposed to fine users who download illegally), according to the "fighters against pirates, " should have an impact on pirates, as well as ordinary users.
To be honest, it all sounds naive, you agree – apparently, these comrades have never heard that besides all sorts of torrents and "Vkontakte" there are plenty of various resources where you can download a movie (or watch online whatever you want) and no one just does not know about it (well, of course, unless you use "heavy artillery" in the form of all kinds of departments to combat cybercrime).

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