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Piwik- advantages and disadvantages

by admin

There have been previous publications about piwik on the hubra, such as :

  1. Piwik – free open source alternative to Google Analytics
  2. Piwik

also several other references.
All write about the same thing :
1) Piwik – is positioned as an open source project (GPL license) running on php and mysql.
2) Among its advantages, the creators single out: open API, the ability to write and add plugins, customizable appearance, and so on and so forth.
3) Mention Piwik creators’ statement that Piwik is an alternative to Google Analytics.
If you look at the graph of the growth of interest in the word piwik www.google.com/trends?q=piwik then the flash of interest in 2008 and the growth over the course of the year is obvious.
Piwik- advantages and disadvantages
There’s a bit of a lull in growth now, but that’s not the point, the point is that so many people can’t be wrong, piwik deserves to be noticed.
About half a year ago I downloaded and installed Piwik for personal use, and now I want to share my practical experience – the pros and cons I found.

Pros of the pivic :

1) free, open source, written in php
what I need
2) because pivic is installed on your site, the developers do not have access to your statistics
this item is very important for someone
3) easy installation
not more than 5 minutes
4) statistics can be kept on several of your sites, the counter is easy to set up
And view all your sites in one place, it’s also very convenient to switch to view the next site.
In addition, there is a plugin to view on one page truncated statistics for all sites at once, of course with a switch to detailed information.
5) easy installation of informers on the main page of pivik
Just a few clicks.
6) sufficient number of varieties of informers

  • Graph of the number of visitors by day, month, year
  • length of visits by time of stay on the site
  • countries of visitors
  • browsers
  • keyword list
  • List of external sites (where the user came to your site from)
  • pages – how many times your site has been viewed
  • search engines
  • visits by server time

There are other informers, but these are enough for me
7) really good quality api
I have only used it once.Had to programmatically add sites to the system of statistics, it took 5 minutes to find how to do it.
Despite all the pluses of pivic there are also minuses, this is not surprising, the product is actively developing.

Minuses of the pivic :

1) For example, the "Visitor Countries" informer
Surely anyone would expect to see numbers for countries calculated on the basis of IP-addresses.
But as it turned out here the calculation is based on the keyboard layout, in my opinion not very correct, but some people probably think it’s a feature.
2) Continuing to dig into the countries topic, found on their forum how to set up GeoIP I found on their forum to install GeoIP , third party developer made this feature, installed it all was gut, but after upgrade it stopped working. It is a pity that GeoIP is not built-in by default.
3) Informers are placed on the page in 3 columns, some informers just do not fit within the allocated width and there’s no way to see the whole informer
4) "Keyword List" informer sometimes turns words or some letters in alphabetical order Always observed in Kazakh and sometimes in Russian
5) Informer search engines. Almost perfect, but does not work well with Rambler If you click on the link then you get to the page Rambler, where the query is entered in a different encoding.
6) The Live Visitors (Alpha) informer, which is supposed to update information about new visitors by ajax So, sometimes there is a problem with cleaning list and list of the same visitors are inserted into the big page several times. I had to disable this informer.
7) In all list informers, if a list item contains hidden additional info, sometimes a glitch is observed, additional info of other list items is shown
For example, when we open google queries, they show us yandex queries.
Despite all the flaws, I really like Piwik, I’m sure that with each new version there will be less and less glitches, and in a year or two there won’t be any flaws.
http://piwik.org/ – official website of the pivic project

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