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Planetarium.10,000 assignments.

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Planetarium.10,000 assignments.
Here we have reached our first little anniversary – the 10, 000th assignment has been created on the project.
We decided not to sit idly by and, in honor of such a momentous occasion, update.


We did decide to take this drastic step and redesigned the "plan ahead" page, now you don’t have to drive back and forth, but can drag today’s assignment directly from the chaos.

For tomorrow

Yes, yes, yes, we did that too. Even though we’re against this approach, we still made it possible for you to drag tasks straight to tomorrow or next week.

Formatting in notes

There you can now use textile

Archive handling

Now you can see not only tasks, but also notes to them. You can also delete or restore tasks from the archive.

Bot update

He can do a lot of things now.
Here is the updated command list :
* for today <name of case> ; <name of second case> ; … <name of nth case>
* for tomorrow <name of case> ; <name of second case> ; … <name of nth case>
* for a week <name of case> ; <name of second case> ; … <name of nth case>
* for the next week <name of case> ; <name of second case> ; … <name of nth case>
* into chaos <name of case> ; <name of second case> ; … <name of nth case>
* what to do?
As you can see, batch mode has been added. Now you can add tasks in batch mode.
There is also a new command "what to do? – displays the entire to-do list for today. Thanks to Chernyshevsky for providing the text =)
As a separate item, we would like to mention the synonyms function.
Many of you complained that the commands are long and it’s not convenient to enter them from your phone. We have fixed this. Now you can assign commands to the bot yourself. That is:
You don’t like the "for today" command, would you like to replace it with "today". Easy!
for today -> today
That’s it, now with the command today buy milk bot will create a job for today.
Blank synonyms are also supported. Do you want to enter tasks directly into the bot window without commands? Go for it!
Into chaos ->
after the arrow is exactly blank. This is not an error.
The only restriction is that synonyms must consist of one word.

P.S. A little bit about technology (hubr, after all =)

I’d like to share an experience with young Rubyists. Many of you know that the previous bot was case sensitive. And it pissed a lot of people off. So I decided to deal with this problem.
At first I thought it was bullshit. We add the "i" key to the regulars and that’s it. But it wasn’t. Ruby 1.8 is not quite UTF-8 friendly. The "i" key worked fine with the English language, while the interpreter just ignored it when using the Russian substitution.
Started figuring it out, picking and picking. Thought about postponing until ruby 1.9 will finish (or rather the environment will finish writing to ruby 1.9)or change the commands to English, but in the end, found a solution – oniguruma.
doing gem install oniguruma , then plug it in require 'oniguruma' , and then create regular templates in a bit of a twisted way :
Oniguruma::ORegexp.new( "(template)", {:options => Oniguruma::OPTION_IGNORECASE, :encoding => Oniguruma::ENCODING_UTF8} )
This is how you can beat the case for the Russian language in Ruby 1.8.
There will be no such perversions in 1.9.

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