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Popcorn Time now works in the browser

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Popcorn Time now works in the browser
It’s been a year since the first version of Popcorn Time, an app for watching movies via torrent. The program combines an API with a list of torrents and a database with metadata. You can start watching almost immediately.
The developers have uploaded a catalog of all the movies available on the world torrent trackers – and the result is a very convenient program, understandable even to the housewife, a free alternative to Netflix, only with a more complete catalog and working in all countries of the world. Just choose a movie from the catalog and start watching.
The program was originally released for Linux, Windows and OS X. Under pressure from Hollywood studios and the threat of criminal prosecution, the authors of the program soon abandoned development, but third-party developers took over support for the project. It appeared several forks , including ones for Android and other mobile operating systems.
Over the past year, Popcorn Time forks have been created that work directly in the browser after installing the appropriate extensions. Now the site has started to work PopcornInYourBroswer.net , which shows movies via torrents without requiring installation of any additional programs at all.
Popcorn Time now works in the browser
As in a normal program, video broadcasting starts after 1-2 minutes, when the torrent starts downloading and the video buffer fills up.
Meanwhile, other Popcorn Time forks are being worked on. Most of them are created by anonymous developers, who at the same time are fighting an unequal battle with copyright holders. For example, the developers of one of the main Time4Popcorn forks had their domain Time4popcorn.eu taken away last fall, they had to move to Popcorn-Time.se. The current version of the app for Windows is Beta 5.2.2 "The Popcorn Time service will never be shut down. Download and enjoy, " is the slogan of the program.

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