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Popular websites are blocked en masse in Kazakhstan

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There are countries where websites are blocked in an even more outrageous way than in Russia.Internet users in Kazakhstan were not so lucky. Judging by article in the newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, " which quoted by Roskomsvoboda, access to a dozen popular websites is blocked in the country. If this were allowed by Roskomnadzor in Russia, there would probably be a terrible scandal.
Here are some of the blocked sites in Kazakhstan.
"List of problematic resources as of August 18, 2015. The list included 17 resources that were partially or completely difficult to access. These include : The Internet Archive archive.org , an international petition site avaaz.org , a Russian information and entertainment portal fresher.ru , website of the British newspaper Daily Mail dailymail.co.uk , international photohosting flickr.com , blogosphere liveinternet.ru , access to which is periodically blocked, blogosphere livejournal.com , site of writer Leonid Kaganov lleo.me , Russia’s largest literary portal proza.ru , international news portal reddit.com , the "Samizdat" contemporary literature server at the Moshkov library samlib.ru , site for downloading media content savefrom.net , English slang dictionary urbandictionary.com There have been difficulties using Google’s services – photohosting picasa.ru and the blogosphere Google+ ".
Representatives of the main telecommunications operator JSC "Kazakhtelecom" explained that the national operator restricts access to sites by IP-address by court decision. At the same time, the IP addresses of popular sites often coincide with the IP addresses of some little-known sites and pages blocked by court decision. For example, the IP-address of the resource www.livejoumal.com ( is the same as the IP address of www.islamunveiled.livejoumal.com (, for which there is a ruling of the Saryarka District Court of Astana to terminate its activities on the territory of Kazakhstan.
The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Kazakhstan does not publish a publicly available list of blocked domain names and IP addresses, as they do in Russia on the site reestr.rublacklist.net
At the same time, a number of opposition websites were blocked in Kazakhstan even before the court decision, writes Roskomsvoboda. For example, "Live Journal" has been blocked since 2008, when President Nazarbayev’s disgraced son-in-law, the late Rakhat Aliyev, created a page there. Only in August 2011, the Saryarka District Court of Astana made a decision to officially block the Journal due to the presence of "extremist materials.
From September 7 to October 14, 2015, the popular video hosting site was blocked Vimeo.com. for "promoting ideas of extremism and terrorism."

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