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PPTP vs L2TP via router

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I am a user of Corbina 10 Mbit/s unlimited tariff plan. At home I have a wi-fi router ASUS WL-520gc, distributes Internet to 3 machines, 2 of them via wi-fi. The problem was that when I was downloading torrent networks (legal content) the speed could not go over 800 Kbytes per second. The first thing I decided to do was to call tech support. The first three "specialists" kept talking for three minutes and finally I reached the person with the quietest voice. During a 40 minute conversation with pauses in music we figured out the following:

  1. According to the tests the speed does not exceed 375 Kbytes/sec.
  2. But, with ftp.yandex.ru The speed reached 500 Kbytes/sec.
  3. I am using PPTP connection type.
  4. If I connect directly (without router), the speed is as the tariff says.

The conversation ended with a 15 minute wait followed by short beeps.
Sitting around without a router was not cool, so I continued my search. Now on google. Going through the forums, I found several solutions to the problem. People advised to do the following :

  1. Disable Corbin’s firewall at stat.corbina.ru I found the idea questionable, I don’t see how blocking the ports could affect the speed.
  2. Remove Kaspersky. As far as I understand this is the most common solution to any problem with any version of Windows. Anyway, I don’t have Kaspersky installed, so I didn’t perform this step either.
  3. Disable wi-fi encryption (I have WPA). Sounds about right, but I didn’t want to sit unprotected (security people, don’t get me started). Instead, I checked the speed when connected to the router via cable. No difference from encrypted wi-fi I noticed.
  4. Switch from PPTP to L2TP, which is still in the testing phase. Along with the advice was the argument that PPTP encryption is implemented in this router is not hardware, and software, which dramatically reduces the speed of exchange.

It took one minute to reconfigure the router to L2TP, and, miraculously, the speed went up to 1.2 MBytes/s!


If you are connected :

  1. Through the router.
  2. By VPN.

And you have a low speed, check that the connection type (Connection type in the WAN settings) is L2TP.

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