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Premiere of a domestic fan film based on the game “Half-life 2

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Premiere of a domestic fan film based on the game "Half-life 2

Hubr, I present to you the project of an adaptation of the computer game "Half-Life 2".

The first of four episodes of the fan project should be coming out soon. came out to the vast expanse of the Internet. In the meantime, watch the trailer :

It’s worth noting that this whole endeavor is strictly non-commercial in nature and is only done because of a lot of love for the material.
What it is. This is an amateur fan film, set entirely in the Half-Life 2 universe and, more or less, following the same script. All the action will be broken up into days (read: series). Accordingly, the first day is Freeman’s arrival in City 17, his meeting with Barney, his escape from the harvesters, and ends with his encounter with a Metrocope discharger in the attic of one of the houses. Well, you remember, then Alex…etc.

Materials about the creation of :

Who is doing this? Two people. Roman Samtsov and Andrei Mankiewicz. Both a little over 30. Geographically located in Kaluga. We do in our spare time on two household (not the most powerful, believe me) computers. We work together at a regional TV company, both are editors. Experience with 3D packages, comps and other CGI programs – at a level of self-taught.
Why? We’ve seen a lot of fan films, not just from the Half-Life universe, and, yes, " Escape From City 17 " we watched, too, and we still think we can do just as well. No, we’re not. We really love this game and we know we can do better. And after that, do we need any other reasons?

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