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Print screen`im quick and easy

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Print screen`im quick and easy
I don’t know about people, but I use the "Print Screen" button on my keyboard quite often – either for blog illustrations, or for work, or for writing documentation.The actions to create screenshots, in principle, not complicated. Much more time is spent on the processing of these images – to cut out the visible part of the window in the browser, a fragment of an image or God forbid a long (in height) site. All this requires additional gestures and, consequently, time consuming. For a long time I’ve been looking for a suitable tool to get rid of this kind of routine.
Scrolling through another selection of plugins for my favorite Firefox, I came across a module that takes screenshots. It’s called Screengrab. I looked through several other options on the site, but based on the description I decided to try this one.
After installation, in the bottom right corner of the browser appears an icon for the plugin. When you click on it, you will get to the simple menu
Print screen`im quick and easy
There are 2 different ways to use the plugin here – save to PNG file (Save) or clipboard (Copy). In the next drop down menu select what exactly we want to save:
* save the entire page of the site (Complete Page/Frame)
* Save only the visible portion of the window (Visible portion)
* keep a selection (Selection)
In the latter case, we have the ability to select any part of the site – text block, picture, etc. Everything is very simple and fast!
By the way, maybe you did not know, but in Windows you can save the active window separately, not the whole screen. To do this, press Print Screen + Alt at the same time. It turns out rather nice, when writing all sorts of documentation on the programs under the view – that’s what you need.
+ not a bad link about this topic – 15 ways to create screenshots of a website
If you have any suggestions, additions (maybe another plugin you use), please share it in the comments.
Those who already know all about it – think about those who haven’t heard about it yet 🙂
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