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Professional vs Beginner. Is it realistic to order icons for your project “for free”?

by admin

So I decided to make my debut on Habr.
Will professionals agree to make icons for free, or maybe beginners can make icons as good as professionals?
During the year I develop the project Personal Financial Management (ULFin) for 1c : Enterprise 8. This product is free, and I do it in my spare time. Judging by the ratings and reviews – people like it. But there is a downside to this: no finances for the development of the project, so for beauty was digging the Internet in search of icons for the project and pasted what they found. It turned out beautifully, but the thought that would need to legalize the icons, does not give up, and all was going to draw them myself. Then I realized that the scope is impossible – my job is programming (well, even had the patience to begin studying the CMS to raise the site (in progress)), but the development of icons let those who can do it.
And so, one day, an idea pops into my head: make an offer to companies that professionally design icons, but ask to do it for free. The first results…
The whole idea was to somehow get the company interested in making "no funding" icons.
Step 1: Search engines found several companies that are engaged in the development of icons. Looked through their work, selected for the beginning 3 companies whose work most liked.
Step 2: Created a letter in Wordpress, in which I briefly described my project, its further development, what I want and what I propose.
That I could offer them: to put information about them as the creators of icons on their site and advertising block in their program. And another thing, that perhaps after a while the project will branch into a commercial branch, and then I will be ready to fund the creation of icons. This honestly admitted that the product will go into a commercial line or not – this is a question, so it is better not to count on this. Links to the text at the end.
Step 3: Proposals were sent to the selected companies. We chose quite big players on this market, because the goal was not to fill up all the companies with our offer, but to choose the ones we liked. Honesty is the way we do things.
Step 4: In all of this process, the girl suggested throwing an ad on freelancer sites as well. Which was done. On free-lance.ru ad was removed after 5-10 minutes (why? still no answer, maybe because I gave a link to his project. But it was given with one purpose – to show what the project).
But luckily I got 3 responses from users willing to help me. They also have their own benefit – to expand their portfolio
I got 3 more responses on another similar site. The topic is not deleted there.
Step 5: Wrote a terms of reference – which gave screenshots of their program, and suggested drawing a couple of icons, to understand what style they see them, adjust, choose one and then work. All who responded was sent Terms of Reference.
Now the first samples from freelancers began to arrive, unfortunately all is not the same yet. But here I consider myself to be at fault. I need a more detailed description of what I want. That’s what I’m going to do, think more specifically about what should be depicted.
As for the professional companies. As of today received 2 responses out of three. One company was interested in the offer, but declined due to lack of available employees, but put on notice (I hope this is the case), the second company’s offer seemed not so tempting.
Results : it’s too early to sum it up yet, it’s just the beginning. If the topic is interesting, I’ll keep you posted.
Perhaps some of the Habro-readers have this suggestion, I am willing to listen to all your suggestions.
File Links :
Offer companies.zip (the same letter I sent out to firms)
Terms of Reference.zip (first drafts of the terms of reference for those interested)

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