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Program to support nonprofit projects – voting

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On November 15, the Clodo.ru project announced a campaign to support social and nonprofit projects We received 46 grant applications. After reviewing the application forms submitted, we selected three projects that fully met the conditions of the contest.
Until December 20, there will be a public voting. Based on the results of the voting, the project that will get the opportunity to use the services of the hosting project will be identified clodo.ru free of charge for one year.
There are three projects on the finish line :
AgiliaLinux – is a freely distributed operating system, a distribution of the Linux operating system. Developed by the MOPSLinux community after the MOPSLinux distribution was discontinued by the Network Research and Production Association, which holds the rights to MOPSLinux. Distributed under the GNU license. Our main guiding principles are easiness of installation, familiarity with the system and selection of the most stable programs.
phpMyEngine – is a free open-source website engine, distributed under the GPL v.3 license. The project is written in PHP version 5.3, for the separation of the presentation uses the template engine Smarty. For data storage MongoDB is used by default, but thanks to the modular architecture it is possible to use other NoSQL-solutions without changing source code. phpMyEngine is an excellent tool for creating corporate websites, online newspapers, social networks and other Internet sites.
Russian Video Tutorials On ru-vi.ru any user can watch the video instructions, such as “How to cook pilaf” or “How to disassemble iphone” and so on, the user can ask questions about the instructions, if anything is unclear + add their own instructions can anyone.
Habr users’ feedback on our chosen projects would be appreciated. Vote for the submitted projects
P.S. In parallel with the ongoing voting, we are opening a new set of grant applications

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