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Providers will be punished for blocking instructions

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"It turns out it’s not blocking, it’s bullying."

Providers will be punished for blocking instructions
According to the law, telecommunications operators are obliged to block access to sites from the registry of banned resources. At the same time, users have a constitutional right to access such sites and have the full right to use tools to bypass blocking – VPNs, proxies, anonymizers, Tor, browser plug-ins, services like " Yandex.Turbo ", Opera Turbo or Data Compression Proxy For Chrome.
It turns out to be a strange situation. It’s especially offensive to Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Communications that providers tell users about ways to bypass website blocking for the sake of convenience right on the plug which appears when you try to load a blocked site.
The Ministry of Communications is preparing a bill under which providers face fines for such actions.
"Our premise is that there should be a penalty when on a stub that indicates that a site is blocked, the service provider posts information on how to bypass that blocking, " said Deputy Communications Minister Alexei Volin in comments for the newspaper Izvestia. – We think it’s unacceptable to promote blocking bypass on a stub that closes access to a site, because in that case you get not blocking, but mockery."
Bill to introduce fines for instructions on how to bypass blocking was drafted in February Roskomnadzor in cooperation with right holders. In accordance with it, the CAO RF is supplemented with new articles.
Article 13.32 "Failure to comply with the obligation to restrict and resume access to information and telecommunications network of the Internet, " shall incur administrative liability for officials in the amount from 3000 to 5000 rubles, for entrepreneurs – from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles, for legal entities – from 50 000 to 100 thousand rubles.
Article 13.33 "Promotion of technical means and methods of access to information resources, access to which is prohibited on the basis of a court decision, " the penalties are the same as in 13.32.
The Ministry of Communications has amended Article 13.33 to apply only to Internet service providers, not to ordinary sites like Geektimes, or to ordinary users who publish information about ways to bypass blocking.
According to independent lawyer Anton Bogatov, informing subscribers on blank pages is quite logical, otherwise customers will accuse the provider of poor-quality communication services.

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