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Rambler Group demanded to block Twitch in Russia and wants a record compensation of 180 billion ₽ from the service

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Rambler Group demanded to block Twitch in Russia and wants a record compensation of 180 billion ₽ from the service
According to Kommersant, Rambler Group demands the court "to stop the distribution of pirate broadcasts" and to recover a record 180 billion rubles (about $ 2.9 billion) from the world’s largest TV channels. (about $2.9 billion) from the world’s biggest streaming service Twitch. Julianna Tabastaeva, Twitch’s representative in court, announced that Rambler Group’s demands, in addition to compensation, also include the complete blocking of Twitch service for users in Russia.
At the moment it is announced that the companies are discussing the details of an amicable agreement on this situation. Although the representative of Twitch Julianna Tabastaeva information that Rambler is negotiating with the service to sign an amicable agreement is not confirmed.
Twitch is the largest video streaming platform in the world. According to Mediascope, the monthly audience of the resource among Russians over the age of 12 in October 2019 was 4.8 million people.
It turns out that The Moscow City Court has registered a lawsuit Rambler Internet Holding LLC to Twitch Interactive on August 26, 2019, but it has only now become known about the development and expansion of Rambler Group’s claims in this lawsuit. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for December 20, 2019.
At first, when filing a lawsuit, Rambler Group demanded only to block Twitch service. Later, Rambler Group demanded that Twitch compensate €2.1 million (about 147 million rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank) because of violations of the rights to broadcast English Premier League soccer matches. And at a meeting on November 29, 2019, the claim for compensation multiplied, so now Rambler Group is asking the Moscow City Court to recover 180.35 billion rubles (about $2.9 billion). (about $2.9 billion) and also to block the Twitch server in Russia.
Rambler Group has bought exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League in Russia in April 2019. The English Premier League matches in Russia are shown by Okko Sport video service, which is part of the Rambler Group holding company. And for the exclusive rights to show the next three seasons Rambler Group has already paid €7 million to their rights holders.
"Due to the fact that we detected a significant number of cases of illegal broadcasts on Twitch, we were forced to take Twitch Interactive to court to stop the distribution of pirated broadcasts, " said Mikhail Gershkovich, head of sports projects at Rambler Group.
Where did the amount of compensation of 180 billion rubles come from. It turns out that the Rambler Group has counted 36 thousand cases of violation of rights to show English Premier League (APL) soccer matches, the rights to broadcast which it now owns in Russia. As a result of multiplication of this number of supposedly illegal broadcasts in the service Twitch (36 thousand) the maximum amount of compensation of 5 million rubles, we get 180 billion rubles. The final amount of compensation should be determined by the court, based on the actually established circumstances in the course of the case.
According to experts, the blocking of Twitch service (owned by Amazon) could be a blow to the gaming industry and a signal to YouTube.
Twitch representatives say that Rambler Group claims are unfair, because the service only provides users access to the platform, does not host its own content and can not change the user’s content, as well as monitor all possible violations of rights. Also Rambler Group did not send any official notifications to Twitch, but limited itself to sending a few screenshots by e-mail without any specific dates. Moreover, Twitch service eliminated the infringements on which the letters from Rambler Group were sent.
This is Rambler’s second high-profile lawsuit in recent days. Last week, on December 12, 2019, Rambler claimed to own the exclusive rights to the Nginx web server developed by its former employee Igor Sysoev, creating a complicated situation that has been developing for over four days now against Nginx (This link contains a full timeline of the initial stages of this tense process), of its creator Igor Sysoev and co-founder Maxim Konovalov. Link to discussion of the conflict at Roem.ru Dec. 16 or 17, 2019 There will be an extraordinary meeting of Rambler Group’s board of directors on this issue, initiated by one of the company’s main shareholders, Sberbank.
Publication Update #1: According to TASS news agency, the Moscow City Court as interim measures in a lawsuit by Rambler Internet Holding, part of the Rambler Group, blocked the showing of live broadcasts soccer matches of the English Premier League cups on the streaming service Twitch (twitch.tv).
Publication Update #2: What other lawsuits and what companies Rambler Group has recently filed against, can be viewed here And there as Defendants : Google, ISPIRIA Networks, CloudFlare, MAIL.RU Group.
Publication update #3: According to Agency "TASS", Mikhail Gershkovich, the head of sports projects Rambler Group, said: "At the moment there are negotiations with Twitch to sign an amicable agreement. The service gave us the tools to fight against pirate broadcasts, and now we are only talking about compensation for damages from August to November 2019." It turns out that the amount claimed in the Rambler Group lawsuit was suggested by the outside attorney handling the case. "The amount is technical and maximum possible, it will be specified, " Gershkovich concluded.
Publication Update #4: Twitch streaming service denies information Russian Internet holding company Rambler Group that the companies are discussing an amicable agreement, Twitch representative Yulianna Tabastaeva told Open Media. "We are negotiating, but <…> we are not negotiating a settlement in court, " Tabastaeva said.
Publication Update #5: According to TASS news agency, on December 20, 2019, the Moscow City Court terminated proceedings in the lawsuit of Rambler Group against the streaming service Twitch for distributing pirated broadcasts of English Premier League soccer matches. The companies managed to settle the dispute out of court and the court dismissed the administrative case. The agreement signed by Rambler Group and Twitch does not imply the payment of any financial compensation.

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