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Rambler transformed its news digest

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Rambler updated the project for its 10th anniversary Rambler Mass Media (RMM). The site, integrated with various thematic sections, has become more like a media portal than a news digest in structure and scale.
From the main page of RMM you can navigate between thematic projects – Sports, Finance, Real Estate, Health, pages of weekly "glossy" apps – Auto, Style, Home, Wallet, and regional projects – Moscow, New York. The ability to go to these sections is preserved on the internal pages of the media portal as well – there is a common menu header.
Rambler reports that the flow of information within the project has increased. In addition, additional types of information have appeared. News can be read, watched and listened to – each section has a "media center" that offers a selection of photos and videos on the chosen topic, be it politics, economics, culture or medicine. When you select a bookmark with photo or video information, the page does not reload.
In the previous version of RMM, the news were rubricized only by federal districts. The current version focuses more on the regions. "Visitors to the project can quickly learn the news of their region, oblast or republic, " the company says.
Other innovations include an improved news item directory as well as a new "semantic" form of writing page addresses, which is easier to cite. There has been a slight modification of the "Map of the Day." which collects information on key recent events.
Project designers, having a task to place texts, photos and links on pages compactly, oriented on modern monitors with resolution 1024*768 pixels and more – it is reported that such monitors in Russia already more than 50%.

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