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Reading articles about advertising and PR, I just want to say…

by admin

Don’t get involved at all, if you don’t have the spirit of the Rebel!
I apologize in advance if I offended anyone.
I will tell you about my personal experience, I got into advertising almost by accident. Having worked in it for about three years I would like to tell you, do not start an advertising business, if you are not an Indian 🙂 at heart!
Reading articles about advertising and PR, I just want to say...
Advertising, in its own way, has already become boring to society, even though it has not existed in the Russian Federation for very long. The era of capitalism in the early nineties brought its lessons and its masters. Talented specialists are scarce. There are a huge number of ideas in this environment, but what personally, as a specialist, were you able to bring to life? Think about your profession. You bring people the first impression of the goods or services, the first opinion should at least like it, but since everyone will not please, it should cause at least some emotions.
Talking to one of the SPECIALIST (diplomaed 🙂 ), we once discussed the last commercial of alpha, about aaaaaaaa…, and this specialist was vehemently insisting that it’s not professionalism and complete crap. However, living in the third capital, I can say that even on public transport it was discussed.
Why bother developing a media plan for an enterprise if there is no core, the very ingredient from which everything spins? Who are you people who come up with crap?! Why waste people’s money on modules in magazines?
Let’s look at an example: here’s a regular magazine in Ekaterinburg – full color and glossy (I will not mention the name), recently people have placed there page module for 30 000 rubles! The question is why? Circulation 5000 pcs per month, the page is in the middle of the magazine, by simple arithmetic calculations come to that the cost in the best case, if the entire circulation bought up, is 6 rubles per advertising contact. Farther to subtract, the percentage of unsold magazines, even subtract contacts who are stupidly did not reach the middle of the magazine (simply because they did not like the first articles). Why are you people doing this?
Everyone perfectly understands that everyone wants to live and sell their product, but those who distribute such advertising, in my opinion, are just throwing their advertising budgets in the trash, and those who do it are amateurs.
So here is about my experience, in spring of 2007 in Yekaterinburg a large shopping center was opened, the idea of helicopter advertising was thought up and realized. The specifics of development of the city allowed a helicopter to fly over the center of the city, we chose time intervals, mostly in the evening when the street is the biggest accumulation of cars and "homecomers" home. Helicopter with the cheapest "self-sticker" and the logo flew over the Dam (the most popular part of town with residents), I tell you so is insanely expensive! But better that than throwing money away. It was a furore, people were taking pictures and calling about the helicopter hanging in the center and what it said. That kind of advertising is worth that kind of money. The action went on for four days, of course it sucked a lot of money out of the customer, but the whole town was discussing it.
We did everything ourselves, together with UVK. They glued the film themselves, on the riveted metal, and used improvised means.
P.S.: Give people a holiday and a furore.

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