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Reality show “Startup in a Week

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The idea is this : There are three of us and we will do a whole week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i.e. exactly 168 hours, locked in a room and "throwing away" the key will do a startup.
A brief backstory : Today (12/17/08) we ( mimic , m2k and strel ) gathered for an organizational meeting StartupPoint Talking about how to do successful startups, we jokingly said a similar idea (to do a startup for a whole week, you can even webcast it on the Internet). After two and a half hours of self-motivation we made a decision. After another hour, this topic was already 15% written.
By the way, we still do not know what kind of startup we will launch. But we are startups, we all have a few brilliant ideas for revolutionary projects, the only thing we did not have time to implement. Yes, yes, everything was standard, I felt sorry to leave the job I didn’t like, I didn’t want to limit my sleep and food, I wanted to have a good rest with my friends, etc., you know what I mean!
Target : Creating a successful startup in the best tradition of startup businesses in the garage.
Task : Limit yourself as much as possible, get out of your "comfort zone" so that you are most likely to achieve your goal.
Reality show "Startup in a Week
Plan of Action :
First, to test the purity and certainty of our intentions, we close for 24 hours (from 11:00 am on December 18 to 11:00 am on December 19) and do all the organizational work : think through the concept of his reality show, determine the idea of the startup, planning work, make a blog, think through the organizational aspects (cameras, broadcast, products, sleep modes, duty, room), etc.
Immediately thereafter, we do the planned organizational stuff. And at noon (12:00 p.m.) on Saturday, December 20, we close for the week In a week we plan to have a working site and all the necessary plans for its further development, and if necessary any arrangements with third parties. For example, if the startup will be tied to online stores, we will sign agreements with 3-5 stores.
+ Some of the org. moments :
* We’ll pack food for a week so we don’t have to go out. The only thing we’ll need besides food is internet.
* In order not to get blown off before the end due to laziness and/or someone changing their mind, we decided to tell everyone about our idea in order to cut off escape routes.
* In order to concentrate on work, we will set ourselves maximum limits. We’ll stay in the apartment all week, no going out. We’re all nonsmokers, we won’t suffocate in the same room.
Very much hoping for moral support/feedback from fellow interneters. So we will describe every step of the way:
* Startup planning, defining the main business steps
* Stages of creating a website and working out the offline component (if it will be necessary)
* financial costs (we’ll write down every penny)
* marketing moves (this is most likely a little late to feel the effect)
If the idea will be interesting to you and someone even wants to participate with us. Ready to take a maximum of 2 more people to the team. Programmers and designers are a priority.
Who wants to create history with us, please contact us, you can in private.
Please, knock only pros and those who are willing to work hard all week. Freelancing is quite possible.
Bloggers, welcome. We are sure the news is worthy of attention of your dear readers. From our side, we can offer a small mutual benefit – the first 10 thousandthnegov, who will post information about our venture will be immortalized on the main page of the project site. The first 10 non-thousanders we will place at the top of page "Bloggers about us" with gratitude. And everyone who will be less agile or will not see the potential in the idea but will post information about us, will also be thanked by mentioning on this page, but below.
All those who support us, please sign here. Thank you.
P.S. We want to burn all bridges with this post. Promises have been made. There’s no turning back now.
UPD. it will be possible to follow :
Stand-alone blog — coming soon
UPD2 10:45 18.12.08
In 15 minutes. We’re starting the first (zero) day. We’ll brainstorm the concept of this event, choose a startup idea from our blanks, etc.
UPD3 21:00 18.12.08
The process is in full swing. Got carried away with generating ideas so haven’t written anything on the blogs. Report for the first half of the "24-hour rehearsal" will be posted by 23:00, where we will tell about the plans. We are full of enthusiasm, we think the ideas are great. Thank you all for your support, it’s very motivating.
UPD4 23:40 18.12.08
First report of half a day’s work

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