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Receive notifications when new photos of your area appear

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We get a lot of messages from users asking when photos of an area will be updated, and we can’t answer those questions. But while we have no way of knowing in advance about such updates, Google has just released a new gadget they call "Follow Your World" that will notify you whenever an image of the area (or multiple areas) you specify is updated.
Receive notifications when new photos of your area appear
It’s an extremely simple device: just indicate your position on the map, give it a name, and they will send you e-mail, when they have new pictures of the area. We are not yet sure how quickly they will send out e-mail, but we assume that this will happen after the photos are transferred to Google Maps, since people can use this device for both Google Earth and Google Maps. (As you may have learned from the examples we recently mentioned photo updates , new images arrive on Google Earth first, then appear on Google Maps a few days later as well).
It is not known whether Google will use this device as an aid in deciding where to update the earth’s surface image in the future; but it seems unlikely. Before being published, new images go through many stages of processing In addition, it’s appropriate to assume that Google may be watching Earth and Maps usage wholeheartedly, simply by counting which square "tiles" of images are downloaded most often.
Several readers have recently reported to us by e-mail about this gadget, but we were asked by Google to hold the story until today, while they were finalizing some elements of the gadget. Of course, we are happy with these hints, so without hesitation email us if you find another site like this, or updated photos, or anything else about Google Earth that everyone might be interested in.
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