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Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you

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Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you
Have you ever encountered the situation where you’re frantically picking out a gift for a friend on your way to his or her birthday party? When you call to congratulate on the birthday of a loved one at 21:30, although all the decent people have already congratulated him/her before 14:00? Have you ever started your congratulation speech with the words "Better late than never…"? That’s exactly what we’ve created Reminday , whose mission is to remind you of the birthdays of your friends and family.
The authorship of the project belongs to yours truly and mihteh so if you don’t like Reminday very much and don’t want to see it mentioned on hubra anymore, don’t forget to zanuck it too.

Why do we need another birthday reminder service!

Not to be repetitive, we’ve compiled a selection of frequently asked questions about the usefulness of the service, and our answers to them.
Why do you need Reminday if social media reminds you of birthdays?
1. Reminders usually come to the social network and not to e-mail, so the chance of not seeing it increases.
2. It is quite common when the number of friends in social networks far exceeds the number of people whose birthdays are important for us, and in social networks you can’t choose which days of birth to remind of.
3. The social network reminds about birthdays only those people who are your friends in this social network. And often the user has friends who are not in this social network, but who are in the other. And almost always there are contacts who are not in the social network at all. In Reminday you can add them manually.
Why do you need Reminday if every cell phone has a birthday reminder function?
On mobile, for every contact you care about, you have to manually enter the birthday. In social networks in 95% of cases users specify their birthday and remembering the birthday in Reminday is done in one click. Also, you may have contacts whom you want to congratulate on their birthday, but with whom you communicate only virtually, and therefore they are not in your phone.
Why do I need Reminday when I have Google Calendar?
Because Reminday is more useful for birthday reminders than Google Calendar, moreover Google Calendar doesn’t import contacts from social networks. By the way, we will soon make an export to Google Calendar especially for Reminday users, so you will only have to enter Reminday to collect contacts from social networks.
And here are the screenshots.


Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you

import from Facebook

Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you

profile setting

Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you

Basic capabilities

For the sake of launching the service as early as possible, we had to set aside a lot of our original features for a while and concentrate on the functionality without which Reminday just couldn’t exist. We hope we’ve managed to do that. First version of the service was developed and launched within a month, 90% of the development work was done during the weekend when nothing but phone calls from angry wives (Olesya, hello!) could detach us from the process.

  • Import contacts from Facebook and VKontakte
  • Ability to add contacts manually (not everyone is in social networks)
  • birthday reminders by email
  • the ability to register/log in with your Facebook account
  • Bilingual interface (Rus/Eng)

In the near future

  • SMS reminders
  • IPad/IPhone/Android app development
  • Export to Google Calendar
  • import from MySpace
  • Reminders of other dates

Monetization options

  • Integration with paper postcard service
  • Possibility to order a paper calendar with filled in friends’ birthdays
  • Paid apps for iPad/IPhone/Android
  • SMS reminders for a fee
  • Gifts offer in e-mail reminders (affiliate with online stores)

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
P.S.: Many thanks to StartupPoint and personally to Vitaly Akimov for the opportunity to speak at On December 19th I will speak at StartupPoint in Krasnodar We received a lot of valuable feedback and comments.
Reminday.com will remember birthdays for you
In the photo: the author, after Vitaly Akimov (in the blue shirt) suggested adding the auto-congratulations function to the service, while saying the phrase "Jesus won’t forgive me this"

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