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Remote script installation service – do I need it?

by admin

Remote script installation service - do I need it?
Hey, Hubras!
I want to say right away, that this thread is not an advertisement for the service and I do not PR. I just need to know the opinion of the hubro community on this project.
A few months ago, I created a startup on Remote installation of scripts and CMS , configuring dedicated servers – Ikandu.ru (I can do). What is the idea of the project. People who can not install any script or content management system, order this installation from us, for a fee. Set the following prices :
– installation of free script (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) – 10 c.u,
– installation of paid script (Bitrix, NetCat, etc.) – $ 20.
The price, of course, does not include a license for the script if a paid script is installed.
Installation is ordered in a fairly simple way. Register, fill out the order form, and pay for the installation. The installation should be done in no more than 8 hours after sending the correct installation data.
The project was created, published on the Internet, but after everything was ready, I somehow thought – does Runet need such a project? Would anyone order installation of scripts and pay money for it? In the English-speaking part of the Internet there are a lot of such services and they order a lot of installations, but what about Runet? I am confused by some points, because of which I think not to continue the promotion of the project, not to waste time on it, namely :
– Runet full of articles, manuals, help forums, which for free will help to install something or teach what is FTP and how to use it.
– 10 c.u. to install the free script a bit pricey, but less than that makes no sense,
– Free scripts are very easy to put, if you have even the slightest skill to work with hosting accounts, well, paid scripts such as Bitrix and NetKat-a mostly bought by web development studios, which then put them themselves.
We’ve reached an important point in this thread: Dear Habra Community, do you think I should continue doing this or am I just wasting my time? I’d be happy to get some objective criticism or advice on this project, if it makes sense to continue.
Thank you.

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