Home Law in IT Residents of five houses in Balashikha cooked on fire because of the crypto farm manager of the apartment complex

Residents of five houses in Balashikha cooked on fire because of the crypto farm manager of the apartment complex

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Residents of five houses in Balashikha cooked on fire because of the crypto farm manager of the apartment complex
In this structure, according to the residents of nearby houses, there is a crypto-farm
Edelweiss Comfort" housing estate in Balashikha near Moscow is on the list of electric power debtors with a debt of 35 million rubles. As it turned out, the head of the local association of property owners installed a crypto-farm, which consumes huge amounts of energy. In just a few months of operation, it consumed several tens of millions of rubles worth of electricity.
And the farm has been in operation for many months; this story is not new at all. Last year, the apartment owners heard a strange noise in the parking lot. At first everyone thought it was the parking lot fans, but then it turned out they had nothing to do with it, because the temperature wasn’t dropping, but rising. A little later, residents were able to take pictures of the unusual installation, which was mounted in one of the parking spaces.
After a while, the tenants started getting huge bills for the energy they consumed – from 70, 000 to 200, 000 rubles. The total amount of debt eventually reached 35 million rubles. It was found out that energy consumption has risen sharply since last May , which is when the installation described above came into being.
Last year, the value of cryptocurrencies dropped dramatically, which affected the efficiency of mining. In most cases it became unprofitable. Unless, of course, the farm owner had access to free electricity, as in the case of an apartment complex owner. According to the contract, the expenses on the common area are the responsibility of all owners. So if someone mines bitcoins using "common" electricity, everyone pays for it.
If we were talking about the consumption of electricity for general needs, now all of these values are rationed, but there is a clause – if the amount consumed exceeds the standards established by the region, the above-normal difference must pay the managing organization, in this case the HOA. That is why they are now trying to write off the debt to all tenants of the house", the executive director of noncommercial partnership housing and communal services Monitoring Svetlana Razvorotneva has commented on a situation.
This year, due to debts, the energy company began periodically disconnecting the apartment complex from the power grid. As a result, the residents are forced to walk and carry strollers with children by hand, because the elevators do not work without electricity. In addition, three times a week they have to cook food in the yard because all of the stoves in the house are electric.
"Almost daily the residents were left without electricity, water, and heat, with the elevators in the apartment buildings turned off. Children had to walk up to the 21st floor when they came home from school. Mothers with baby carriages would go to the store and come back and find the elevator was out of order. said a resident of Edelweiss-Comfort Anton J.
The problem is that all the technical floors in the buildings, the boiler room, the basement, the underground parking lot and some of the apartments are the property of the chairman of this complex. On this occasion, employees of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow Region began an investigative inspection of information about the violation of the rights of the residents of the housing estate. Mosenergosbyt stated that measures to limit electricity supply in the residential buildings had been suspended.
"As part of the inspection, investigators will have to find out the reasons for violations of citizens’ rights, as well as give a legal assessment of the actions of the TSN management. The progress and results of the inspection are put under control in the central office of the agency, " the Investigative Committee reported.

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